Make your own lemon scrub at home

Guest post by Léah

Make Your Own Face Scrub at Home

Here is a quick recipe that you can make at home that’s great for exfoliating your face. It also works great as a yummy lip scrub, and as a body scrub.


  • Lemon Rind
  • Lemon Juice (optional)
  • White Sugar
  • Olive Oil


  1. Use about twice as much sugar as oil.
  2. Add epsom salts and poppy seeds to the body scrub for even better exfoliation.

I keep mine in the fridge. It lasts about a month.

Thanks to Léah for uploading this to our Flickr pool. We LOVE seeing y’all’s photos and tips — keep uploading!

Comments on Make your own lemon scrub at home

  1. Guys, I love you, but no no no no no, please do not put citrus on your face! It totally DESTROYS the pH of your skin.

    (Side note: I do absolutely love the DIY-ness of this though.)

    • I’m confused — I see about a zillion citrus based astringents from the more organic oriented major skin care lines?

      I don’t see the part where it indicates how much lemon to put it, I was guessing that the major work is being done by the sugar/oil, and the lemon was mostly for smell, looks, and combined with the sugar and oil wouldn’t be too far off from the normal acidity of skin. (Straight lemon juice would be a different thing, of course.)

      What would you use in place of the lemon?

      • A lot of major brands promote things which are definitely hazardous to your skin, and organic doesn’t really prevent that happening.

        The main concern is that lemon is so acidic. Sugar can also be too rough for you skin as well, especially on the face. I’d personally prefer to buy a properly formulated exfoliant that avoids these issues.

  2. I have made something similar / without lemon juice, but with lime oil (4 drops to a liter of olive oil) and with sea salt instead of sugar for body scrubs for Christmas. I’ve used it weekly for months before giving the new batch away as gifts, and it seems to be doing my flakey, very dry skin a world of good.

    I will try swapping the lime oil for lemon rind. ( although if you like the smell of cola, then lime oil is the way to go!)

  3. Great recipe, thank you. For those saying you can not use citrus on the face, false. My mother is from Ghana and has used, along with the rest of my family, many citrus washes and scrubs home made, especially to soften rough patches of skin and to lighten dark spots or scars. If pH is affected, for those who care, you can use litmus paper to measure the acidity and I am sure counterbalance it with a base to get to a desired pH. Citrus is great for some, not for all, different skin types require different needs.
    Great recipe, I can’t wait to try it and modify it. Also gonna try lime and grapefruit and maybe even orange, as a set, for gift giving.

    • Thanks for the tip. I was concerned about sugar on the face but really wanted to make it because I wanted to get off of the chemical-laydened products that I usually default to.

  4. So I’m really new to this idea. How, exactly do I treat these ingredients? Because throwing all that junk in a jar is likely not going to magically produce that lovely looking result. Wait, will it?! I’m so confused.

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