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20 DIY pop culture themes for your baby’s nursery

The folks at Buzzfeed were on to something extra special when they concocted this list of 20 pop culture-themed baby nurseries AND how you could make your own versions — something special indeed! Themes range from Harry Potter to Pokemon to LOST (with polar bears included, of course) — here are few of our faves.

13 random things from ThinkGeek to surprise your favorite geekoid

Does one ever REALLY need a reason to share a whole slew of geeky items — especially when y’all just KNOW ThinkGeek is always serving you pure brilliance, perfectly warmed to exactly the temperature you like?

It’s almost Father’s Day: let’s get our budget-friendly geeky gifting on via ThinkGeek

I’m a big-time fan of giving gifts that have little to do with parental roles: many of the comments on gifts for Butch moms are the perfect example of this. Both of you KNOW that you’re parents — so why celebrate a day about being a parent with kid-themed gifts? AS SUCH, here are a few of my favorite gifts for the geek you’re crushing on in that partner-for-life kind of way.

A robot stroller for nerd parents and their geeklings!

As a person who has been rammed in the ankles by so many damn strollers, I have developed a Pavlovian hatred of the damned things. Until I saw that Think Geek was featuring a freaking stroller. Really? A geeky stroller? I was dubious. But HOLY CRAP it’s awesome!

Having a kid in The Sims is like having a kid in real life — except for when it’s not

Until recently, the last time I had played was when we bought The Sims Castaway while I was pregnant. I may or may not have spent hours obsessing over my Castaway baby, which we named Lentil, and deciding we were having a girl after “we” did on Castaway (we had a boy in real life), and worrying about poor little Lentil, who had to deal with Castaways-Stephanie who apparently didn’t own any slings or want to breastfeed.

A very gigantic age-appropriate gift guide for the adult and child geek(s) in your life

Here are three things I really, really love: holidays, geeky stuff, and gifts. I love giving gifts and receiving gifts and in general just having an awesome time with gifts — especially if they’re remotely geeky in general. Here are some of my favorite things I’ve found online — I felt like I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to share them with ya! Some are kid-specific, and some are for adults, and some are just… for whoever loves them the most.

For the gamers: five great Nintendo DS games for kids

As an avid gamer I often find myself wandering the video game section and observing the myriad of parents attempting to choose a video game for their child. More often than not the parents choose a totally age inappropriate game (Resident Evil for a six year old?) or a game that is just plain bad. I understand that not everyone enjoys video games and that the sheer number of available games can be overwhelming so here is a list of five amazing, fun and educational (!!!) Nintendo DS games for kids that their parents might enjoy as well.

A DIY retro space-themed nursery for a GIRL

I chose “Spaceships and Robots” as the theme for my daughter’s nursery because I wanted to create a special environment that would inspire her to reach for the stars and “boldly go where no man has gone before,” so to speak. Oh yeah, and because I’m a giant NERD!