Because few things are better than two dads in matching shirts holding matching babies

Alan and Brian have been married for years and have always dreamed of starting a family. They took matters into their own hands and found a surrogate in India. They were more than pleasantly surprised when they learned that she was pregnant with twins. The pair has recently returned to New York City from India with their son and daughter in tow — and now the family is complete.

My Big Fat Queer Jewish Family

David Shneer, his partner Gregg, and their friend Caryn are a "three-parent, two-house, one-home family" getting ready to bring a new life into the world. Much to his chagrin, the number one question he's receiving is "Which one of you is the father?"

Parenting outside the gender binary

We want Avie to feel as unrestrained by gender as possible. We began by giving him a gender-neutral name and attempting to dress him in neutral colors and patterns. As he gets older, we validate and encourage his emotions, and intend to support him in whatever interests he develops.