A family photo session served with lots of yellow and a hand-drawn lighthouse

Jonas Seaman is a longtime friend of the Empire — he took photos at the reception we had in October 2011 and promptly became everyone's best friend. I've been blogstalking him, patiently waiting for the day that he took the dive into family photography and friends: that day has come. If you live anywhere near Seattle, you're going to be hauling yourselves up to his door and asking to have your photos taken after seeing these snaps!


The Incident: my son was bullied for having gay parents

A few months back, I wrote that my son had never been bullied at his Texas public school. Perhaps it was inevitable, given that Waylon is in third grade now, but a week or two later there was an incident. The story unfolded over dinner at our favorite neighborhood Texmex restaurant. Waylon was well into his second bean and cheese taco when he broached the subject. "Mom, B– said that being gay is bad."

Why two men went from New York to India and back to become parents

Brian and I yearned to have a child of our own for years. We explored our options via surrogacy both nationally and internationally. Here in the United States we were deep into the process of surrogacy. It was extremely costly, time consuming, and emotionally taxing. Our attempt at conceiving through different surrogates failed six times. Our funds were dry.

We Are The Face of Equality: a project created for and by LGBT families

A few weeks ago we were introduced to a really cool project called We Are the Face of Equality. The video-based project was started by Stephanie, a twenty-five-year-old lesbian in Indiana. Her goal is to collect videos and photos of LGBT people around the world and compile them into one slideshow and/or book. I asked her a few questions about the project, so get ready to read those and find out how you can participate.