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The Incident: my son was bullied for having gay parents

A few months back, I wrote that my son had never been bullied at his Texas public school. Perhaps it was inevitable, given that Waylon is in third grade now, but a week or two later there was an incident. The story unfolded over dinner at our favorite neighborhood Texmex restaurant. Waylon was well into his second bean and cheese taco when he broached the subject. “Mom, B– said that being gay is bad.”

Two lesbian moms, one gay dad, and the bringing together of six grandparents

This weekend our son Mac met some of his dad’s family… who are also Mac’s family. And I guess are now our family, too. How strange it is to have a second set of in-laws — in-laws who aren’t actually related by law at all. Out-law in-laws.

Why two men went from New York to India and back to become parents

Brian and I yearned to have a child of our own for years. We explored our options via surrogacy both nationally and internationally. Here in the United States we were deep into the process of surrogacy. It was extremely costly, time consuming, and emotionally taxing. Our attempt at conceiving through different surrogates failed six times. Our funds were dry.

We Are The Face of Equality: a project created for and by LGBT families

A few weeks ago we were introduced to a really cool project called We Are the Face of Equality. The video-based project was started by Stephanie, a twenty-five-year-old lesbian in Indiana. Her goal is to collect videos and photos of LGBT people around the world and compile them into one slideshow and/or book. I asked her a few questions about the project, so get ready to read those and find out how you can participate.

Because few things are better than two dads in matching shirts holding matching babies

Alan and Brian have been married for years and have always dreamed of starting a family. They took matters into their own hands and found a surrogate in India. They were more than pleasantly surprised when they learned that she was pregnant with twins. The pair has recently returned to New York City from India with their son and daughter in tow — and now the family is complete.

Two gay dads + twelve adopted kids = fourteen happy family members

AZ Central recently featured the wonderful story of Steve and Roger Ham, a gay couple raising 12 adopted children in a state not historically known for positive attitudes toward the ideas of gay marriage OR gay adoption.

My Big Fat Queer Jewish Family

David Shneer, his partner Gregg, and their friend Caryn are a “three-parent, two-house, one-home family” getting ready to bring a new life into the world. Much to his chagrin, the number one question he’s receiving is “Which one of you is the father?”

Parenting outside the gender binary

We want Avie to feel as unrestrained by gender as possible. We began by giving him a gender-neutral name and attempting to dress him in neutral colors and patterns. As he gets older, we validate and encourage his emotions, and intend to support him in whatever interests he develops.