Taking my son to his first music festival

The last time we went to a music festival, it was summer of 2009 and I was pretty pregnant. We stayed for about a day, and then we bailed — with much navel gazing and obsessing from me. WHAT DID IT MEAN? So that was three years ago. I've continued to dance, mostly at dance studios and very occasionally at clubs… but we had not made it back to a music festival. Then along came the Beloved Festival, in Oregon. I was contacted about doing an Offbeat Families workshop at Beloved, and so here's how it all went down…

Tips for helping your family rock at music festivals

A common passion that my husband, Eric, and I have is seeing live music. We enjoy festivals in particular because we can see a bunch of bands during the weekend and possibly become a new fan. We decided that just because we have a baby didn't mean our love for live music had to change — so we just started taking her with us!