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Parenting tips from a teen who grew up going to festivals

As a now seventeen year old, on the cusp of adult life, liberty, and the freedom to pay taxes or be tried as an adult, I will say that having an alternative upbringing is equal parts a blessing and a curse … but definitely very educational.

Bonnaroomama’s baby photos

bonnaroomama explains: “After my son was born, complications from my c-section left me hospitalized for about three weeks. My family worked very hard to keep my son near me and support my breastfeeding efforts.” It looks like despite those rough first three weeks, Bonnaroomama and her family have gone on to enjoy a rich life […]

Kids in cans

For those of you considering bringing your kidlets to concerts or festivals, here’s living proof that not only will children tolerate wearing headphones, he/she will look way too cute doing it! For more pics of kids in cans, read on! Baby’s first encounter with Britney Spears, perhaps? Ah, much better! Is there anything better than […]

Kid’s noise cancelling headphones: all the fun with none of the hearing damage

Our little roadie at her best. Angelene (aka A.Jams) is seen here with her rockstar headphones, the Peltor Junior Earmuffs. They come in tons of colors.

I left the music festival because it was too loud: Untangling the threads of a impending offbeat mama identity crisis

My identity as an electronic music fan (yes, ok fine: raver) dates back to 1996. But things shifted when I got pregnant.