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Design concept: the Rambler Socket would let you store your extension cords in the walls of your home

HOLY MOLY am I in love with this: the Rambler Socket from designer Meysam Movahedi has 1.5 meters (almost 5 feet) of extension cord that can be stored inside your wall. When you need to use it for something like drying your hair or vacuuming across the room, you just open it up and plug in — and when you’re finished, back in the wall the cord goes!

Stuck at a crosswalk in Germany? Play Pong with your friend or neighbor across the street

Calling all social interaction AND video game geeks — a traffic light in Germany lets you play Pong with a friend while you wait to cross the street. As you can see in the video below, the premise is simple — wait for the light to switch to red and the game begins!

Jasna’s apartment in Cologne, Germany, filled with femininity, soft colours, and crafts

Just because you live in a small apartment in Cologne, Germany, doesn’t mean it has to feel cramped. Jasna’s apartment is all about crafts, colors, feminine decor, and a spotted fridge. And somehow, it doesn’t seem cramped at all! Oh, and wait until you see how she uses clothing as decor.

Europe on $5 a day

This is a trailer for a new book, released yesterday, called Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day. In it, author Doug Mack takes travel advice from classic travel book Europe in $5 a Day.

You can imagine how well travel advice from the 1960s has held up.

The year I spent turning a trash house into a cozy wagon home

Once upon a time the Click Clack Gorilla escaped from a 9-5 job through the tunnel she had been secretly digging behind the water cooler with her stapler and has been at large in Europe ever since.

This is the story of building her tiny trash house, a little bitty wagon situated in a German wagenplatz.

A Belgian B&B fit for a rogue’s gallery of guests

This week Ariel and I fawned over a little trojan horse-style B&B somewhere in Belgium. It looks like it’s the mobile home of a band of mysterious, roguish, magical minstrels. I look at its starry night bedroom and twisted-wood lounges and sigh.

A Gaudi-inspired sparkly art nouveau summer house

This is the story of the Russian-style summer house I crafted in my backyard in Newcastle Upon Tyne. In ten months, and for less than £5,000, I took it from clay model a to stained-glassed, mosaiced den place to drink a Guiness whilst foxes run in the garden.

A sod-covered found-wood playhouse in a woody British backyard

Come along with me and experience the tale of the time J0_M0 decided to build his kids a log playhouse in the English countryside, using only found wood and purchasing only a bag of nails.