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You never knew it was this easy to make laundry soap

Making laundry soap is gaining popularity as a way to save money, live greener, and soothe sensitive skin. My first batch of homemade detergent was shockingly easy to mix — and it’s unbelievably cheap to keep yourself up to your neck in laundry soap.

Cat & Scott live in a mid-century brick project haus

I’ve got a vintage vanity, bar cabinet and dining room table, lots of books, some art, and that’s about it. What can I say? We only moved in 4 months ago, and we tend to get rid of everything we own when we move. But I take hipster photos, so you’ll still enjoy my home tour. And there are at least two photos featuring a cat.

Your home is killing the planet and mine isn’t: Let’s talk about eco-machismo

One night I got drunk and when I woke up I was a vegetarian. I SWEAR, this has to do with the eco-conscious choices we all have to make.