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Cloned suburban houses can be sustainable, too: features a lower-energy house must have

You don’t have to live in a haystack house outfitted with solar panels to be eco-conscious in your use of energy. Jess’ tips are helpful. I wish I’d had them when we were house-hunting.

How do I keep critters from eating my garden before I can?

Since it’s gardening season, I was hoping for some advice on humane and eco-friendly pest control in the garden.

How on earth do I keep these insane squirrels away from my pumpkins? How do I save my blueberries from the birds? How do I do this without spraying toxins or harming the animals?

Care for your lawn organically and on the cheap

When my husband and I started talking about buying a house, I had a major hangup: lawn care. Yes, I am that much of a hippie that I didn’t want to buy a house because it had a lawn.

Supply your shindig with eco-friendly disposable plates from

Doesn’t it just hurt to buy disposable plates? The paper ones are flimsy and the plastic ones are PLASTIC, but sometimes flatware just won’t work — a huge party! A big reunion at a park! For a more sustainable option, sponsor supplies eco-friendler bamboo tableware.

It’s Earth Day! Read 12 ways to make your home greener for the next year

It’s Earth Day! Right, we all totally remembered and planned to do something! YAY, environment!
Great! Learn how to tune up your bike — and 11 other ways to green up this spring.

Embracing my inner mooch: learning to love living with my boyfriend’s parents

I’m starting to appreciate the full range of benefits of co-habitating with my boyfriend’s family, a lifestyle formerly known to me as “mooching.” Admittedly, I originally was eager to partake in the no-rent, frequent-free-meals, high-quality-shower type of benefits. These selfish reasons are certainly the temptation of every low-life mooch. I felt less guilty, however, after I read Little House on a Small Planet.

Green strategies for the prevention of bedbugs and fleas — so your neighbor’s problem doesn’t become YOUR problem

A reader question on many people’s minds: Bedbugs are coming! How can I prevent an infestation? Read on for nine green tools that work on fleas and bedbugs.

How to make a natural air freshener, and assemble your own laboratory for concocting teas, salves, and syrups

Herbs. They taste good, they smell nice, and have well-documented medicinal properties. You can put inexpensive ingredients to good use after you put together your apothecary kit. Though I’m even more interested in Dale’s illustrated herb chart on salvaged wood.