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My picky eaters are in love with GREEN FOOD: here’s how I did it

I’ve blogged before about how my kids are the pickiest eaters on the planet. I’ve tried sticker charts, bribes, threats, beatings (just kidding!), but so far the best tactic has been giving my kids the job of the “Taste Tester.” Initially I was skeptical my kids would participate, but they totally LOVED it.

What can pregnant vegetarians eat to boost their iron levels?

I am about eighteen weeks pregnant, and I’ve had low iron since my iron was first checked at 12 weeks. The catch is, I really don’t like to eat meat, and it appears the very best sources — in terms of easy absorption — are meat, fish, and poultry. I just bought lentils, quinoa, kidney beans, and spinach, and I am going to dig up some recipes (and I know to combine them with vitamin C). I really wonder if this will suffice — or do I need meat?

How do I sneak healthier food into my family’s diet?

Confession: I have totally been known to sneak veggies into our son’s food — he’s two-and-a-half and generally a good eater, but some days are easier than others. Sometimes, on the not so easy days, he’ll find grated carrots and broccoli on top of his cheese pizza because that’s how we roll.

How can I deal with pregnancy cravings for food I’m allergic to?

I’m intolerant to gluten — I’ve been tested professionally and have the paperwork to prove it. I’ve had no problem dropping it from my diet until now… while I’m pregnant. Apparently all the baby wants in the world is wheat products — noodles, bread, pastries, etc. No junk food, just anything and everything with wheat in it.

Healthy homemade nut-free lunch options for school-age kids

I have a new “back to basics” attitude when it comes to my son’s school lunches this year. I’m limiting as much prepackaged items as possible and increasing my own homemade items — with spectacular results.

Bright and trippy cooking aids that will make your kitchen fun(ky)

Ariel introduced me to Wanelo a few weeks ago — it’s basically like Pinterest, but actually has things you can BUY on there. So instead of spending a few hours “pinning” items that you’d own in your dream world, you can spend a few hours buying items you can have in your real life.Searching for kids’ products will bring you endless delight — Wanelo has a huge collection of some of the wackiest products around.

A day in the life of an organic farming family

I have been working on a photo documentary for a few years now. The subject is local natural and organic farmers/farming, and the concept is something that my husband Nick and I have been passionate about for the last six years. I am not exactly sure where it started… or how.

Making lunch fun with dinosaur quesadillas and bento plates

Want to shake mealtimes up a bit? Cook up your own version of Jen’s self-titled “bento on a plate” — cookie cutter sets and creativity go a long way to calming a picky eater.