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A design company in Dogpatch gives the neighborhood something to stand behind with their new emblem

What if all our neighborhoods had not just NAMES, but also IMAGES? Flags, patches, shirts. We’d be like The Warriors and shit!

San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood is kicking us off. Let’s go!

Ang’s quick primer to dog collars, their materials and their uses

Dog collars: confusing, amirite? Don’t worry, my rundown will help you get your head on straight.

The best way to integrate a new dog into our cat-only household

My boyfriend and I are moving into a new home; one large enough to bring a dog into.

Right now we’ve got a cat. We’re wondering if the Homies have suggestions on how to help Rosa, our cat, become comfortable with a new dog. How can we bring in a new pet without creating a cat disaster?

When a pet dies, what do you do with it?

In preparation of the sad time that a pet dies, how will you… deal with his remains? I’ve rounded up seven ways to bury/honor/deal with a dead pet, but first I need you all to do me a favor…

A fairy door, a rainbow of produce, and one very attentive dog

Meet a bullhuahua — a pit bull/chihuahua mix — who lives on a super stylish orange couch. Learn about underground automated carports, and about how squatters can take legal possession of their squats.

Dogs in gardens, dogs in lakes, dogs lounging around, and a new unicorn artwork

WOW. We put out a call for dog photos last week and you guys answered! Wait till you see where one dog ended up.

My dog may be huge, but he’s terrified of chihuahuas (and more surprising facts about Giant Breed dogs)

Ever wanted a dog who can pull a cart or carry a pack? Giant Breeds are huge, lovable, and have a whole slew of special quirks.

Alison and Brendan’s highly-organized high-design space with lots of customized storage

We’ve mixed our tastes — designer and sci-fi — with lots of time, picture hangers, and shelves. Come see how we made our apartment look this good with just two closets.