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A rainbow dinette, one red-and-blue-and-yellow house in Illinois, and a home built into Arizona boulders in this week’s reader photos

It’s our weekly roundup of reader photos and interesting Offbeat Home-ish links from around the web. This week we’ve got the lowdown on air conditioned doghouses, an upcoming steampunk fest in Massachusetts, and era-appropriate Disney princess cosplay. Click on through!

My dream house: Snow White’s Los Angeles tiki-style bungalow

Can we take a minute to talk about our dream homes? I believe we all have (at least) one, right? You know, that one house that you always drive by on your way to work/the grocery store/your favorite vacation spot. That one house that you day dream about owning. You know… if you suddenly came into a million (or more) dollars. That house?

Well, torture upon tortures, my dream house is on the market right now. This is MY “that house”:

For the Muppet-lovers in the house: a ’60s Kermit-green bedroom

I found this ’60s-era magazine clipping on Flickr last weekend — of a very Kermit-the-Frog-esque bedroom — and I’ve looked at it like, every day since. What would you incorporate from a vintage design?

Little teapot playhouses and tiki lounge chairs: Disney comes to yards

Aw man, I’m back to admiring something from HGTV again. Not that there’s something wrong with HGTV… it’s just not a typically offbeat organization! Anyway, enjoy the peek at Disneyfied yards.