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How to make bank with yard sales

My husband and I are getting ready to move into a smaller space with our son — right now we’re renting a house, but are going back to an apartment soon. This is all part of a bigger plan to downsize our living space and therefore our possessions, and it’s one that we’re really excited about.

This was our first garage sale, and we were NOT prepared for the singular anxiety and crazy-making that comes hosting a yard sale. Luckily, we pulled it off, and here’s how.

Go paperless at home: 7 ideas for less clutter, less stress, and more free mindspace

So much paper comes into my house that I just don’t care about. Bills that don’t change month-to-month but that I should keep for my records, receipts, healthcare info, manuals — it’s all stuff I don’t WANT but I need to keep, just in case. Sound familiar? In an effort to make all our lives less cluttered, here are seven ways to get after a paperless house.

How to make money off decluttering your house: a video question from Dootsiebug

THANK YOU GUYS for your help on my question about rooting out plastics in my home. I’m going to sit down this weekend and use your advice to come up with some strategies to reduce the plastics I buy in food packaging.

Today Dootsie has a question. If you follow along with comments on Offbeat Home’s posts, you’ve probably run into her. AND NOW WE GET TO SEE YOUR FACE, DOOTSIE!

Clean out the books you don’t want in stranger-interactive ways

Sometimes when you’re a Reader, books get… overwhelming. They start to take up every end table, the back of every toilet, the dining room table top. You might be ready to part with your books — but only for an appreciative soul.

Last year’s foyer makeover

Our foyer was the “shit catcher” spot for our house, which created something I hate: the entrance to our home was essentially a closet, and a messy one at that. Here’s how my high school bff helped me fix it.