Let's talk about making your own not-so-perfect crayons

Imagine my surprise when I come downstairs one night to find that my husband, who is so far Pinterest-free, has embarked on his own crayon-making adventure. He basically took all of our son's broken and worn down crayons of similar shades, melted them, stuck them in the fridge, and VOILA: new crayons were born.

Making your own playdough: it's as easy to make as everyone says it is

So it turns out that playdough is actually as easy to make as everyone says. Who knew? Well, OK, nearly everyone. Despite frequently being told that it was super easy to make, I always thought it would be hard to get it to turn out just right. This is probably because I have a vivid memory of my Mom making a disastrous attempt at playdough when I was a kid. I'm not sure what we did wrong back then, but whatever it was, I was able to avoid it this time.