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Bath time + Valentine’s Day = an awesome mess-free, water-friendly craft

I set up the fun bath for my two preschool-aged children by tracing foam hearts on the walls around the tub using bath crayons. Inside the hearts, I wrote short words and phrases, very similar to the candy hearts you can buy around Valentine’s Day.

A full-size C-3PO costume and 5 other wonders kids can create from empty paper towel rolls

Environmentalism, for me, is less about recycle and far more about reuse. “Recycle” smacks of some propaganda feel-good program for using too much crap in the first place. As a parent, I naturally impart my opinionated views on my offspring. They’re all about reusing things — from junk mail to paper towel rolls.

My four-year-old is my photography partner in crime

This is a story about having to make the most of every second. It’s also the story of how art is everywhere and made by everyone. Sometimes it takes a special person to come along and see everything as art. Sometimes lack of time forces you to see beauty all around.

What can I build with my toddler that’s NOT a garden?

School is finally over for me and I’m realizing that summer for me and my two-year-old is going to be long and boring if I dont figure out some more activities! I’m really interested in building something with my daughter — something we can add to and grow all summer long. She already gardens with her Dad, so I need something just for us.

Let’s talk about making your own not-so-perfect crayons

Imagine my surprise when I come downstairs one night to find that my husband, who is so far Pinterest-free, has embarked on his own crayon-making adventure. He basically took all of our son’s broken and worn down crayons of similar shades, melted them, stuck them in the fridge, and VOILA: new crayons were born.

Making your own playdough: it’s as easy to make as everyone says it is

So it turns out that playdough is actually as easy to make as everyone says. Who knew? Well, OK, nearly everyone. Despite frequently being told that it was super easy to make, I always thought it would be hard to get it to turn out just right. This is probably because I have a vivid memory of my Mom making a disastrous attempt at playdough when I was a kid. I’m not sure what we did wrong back then, but whatever it was, I was able to avoid it this time.

An interview with Emily, the mom behind Arthur Recreates

Internet, get ready to fall in love with Arthur and his mom, writer Emiley Cleaver. Emily started the website Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies earlier this year, and it’s rapidly taking the digital world by storm. I asked her a few questions about the site and her son, and here’s what she had to say!

Emma Artifacts: how one photographer is documenting his daughter’s early years

A lot of people do different things to remember specific times in their kid’s lives. I, like a lot of bloggers, write my son monthly letters and take photos of him on the 27th of every month. Panamá-based photographer Moises Kierszenblat has taken the idea of photos to the next level with one of his […]