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Learning from Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha: How to politely decline a hug

Learning from Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha: How to politely decline a hug

I recently watched a video of Jerry Seinfeld rebuffing a potential hug from Kesha with some serious awkwardness. The question is: how does someone who doesn’t want a hug (a totally okay thing for lots of legit health/social/psychological/whatever reasons!) go about politely decline a hug without seeming like a dick who doesn’t know who Kesha is?

Intersectionality and privilege: Dispatches from a body positivist on the frontlines

So, how do you keep online spaces (like Instagram or Facebook) healthy while making minorities and other underrepresented people feel heard and welcome? Let’s talk about how you can be a voice in the body positive community, while being sure to check your own privilege within that particular space…

How do you handle money and debt in a relationship?

My partner and I are cool with a lot of things, but in certain arenas we just don’t line up. How do you reconcile it when one person in a relationship feels that debt is a sad reality of this modern life, and accepts debt as “just something that happens,” and the other person is more in line with the “DEBT IS AN EMERGENCY” kinda deal?

I’m just curious how people reconcile different attitudes toward saving money.

Can’t touch this: How to maintain personal space while pregnant

I am not generally a hugger. I tend to tense up when someone even reaches in my personal space. And I know when I tell people I’m pregnant they’ll will tend to want to invade my space.

How do I keep this from happening?

How to talk about death when no one else wants to

Death is natural, and having concerns about death is natural. What isn’t natural is entirely rejecting the reality of the human condition and refusing to talk about death.

This is a tough topic, but here are a few things that might be helpful…

How to talk to your kids about poverty when they’re growing up poor

I grew up very poor. I remember asking my mom if we were poor, because the kids at school said we were. She replied that we were poor by our communities standards, but by worldwide standards we were very fortunate. She talked to me about poverty very frankly and openly, and it really made an impression on me…

I don’t know what I did wrong: What should I do?

It’s confusing and hurtful, to say the least. But we’ve all been left with self-esteem issues, too — worried that we’re capable of causing incredible damage to our loved ones, without even knowing it.

I suppose there’s not much to be done, other than to discuss it amongst ourselves and go to therapy. But if anybody has a great idea for helping us make peace when you don’t know what you did wrong, I’d definitely appreciate it.

5 things to do to get your relationship ready for a baby

Boundaries, dates, and looking at baby pictures together…

Here are some of the best things we did, when I was pregnant, to get our relationship ready before the baby came!