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Mouse poops helped me give up coffee

Some people might think this is blasphemy, but I gave up my coffee habit. I work overnights. I wake up when the rest of the world goes to bed. As you can imagine, it’s not particularly easy to go to bed at 2pm. Nor is it easy to wake up at 9:30pm. I was intrigued when a radio DJ I follow on twitter — who works about the same hours I do — mentioned that he had given up caffeine for a while, and had never slept better.

It grinds, it brews, it also helps store my beans: My new coffee maker is the shit

It’s important to me to have a coffee maker that grinds and brews because I always buy my favorite coffee beans in a big ol’ bag, and I really don’t want to grind them all myself. So I asked my father, the patron saint of Consumer Reports, to do some research for me and his results told him that the by far the best grind and brew was this guy…

How do I make K-Cup storage look cool?

Like many other workplaces across the country, the Keurig obsession has hit our office — they have these nifty little containers for making coffee, tea, or just about any other hot drink you can imagine, and saves lots of time. But how on earth do you display them in a non-boring way?

Science-y, Steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker

Y’all, I love me some coffee, and my husband STILL laughing over when I got my coffee maker for Christmas: I hugged the box while exclaiming “It grinds AND it brews!” But it takes one dedicated-ass coffee snob to purchase THIS steampunk-y cold drip coffee and tea maker.

Making coffee with butter and eggs: an old-world way to spice up caffeine consumption

I quit my coffeemaker already. I use one of those single-serving strainers. Which makes my coffee dark and sludgey and thick and yummmm.

But today I made it more yum: out of creamer AND condensed milk, too lazy to dig for sugar in the back of the pantry, I spied a stick of butter on the counter and remembered someone emphatically telling me that butter + coffee = true love forever.

Fluid Friday: Spice up the morning routine with fancy pants coffee mugs with naked ladies, creatures of the deep, and video games

I love dressed-up everyday useables like cool coffee mugs. It seems like they’ve been popping up more than normal lately, and I’ve found some really nice ones to share. Just watch out when you get to the bottom! Some of these cups are tricky.

Home roasting coffee for a more delicious caffeine habit

My husband and I took on a challenge: we aren’t buying food at grocery stores or restaurants for a year. That also means no chain coffee shops. I had to find an alternative.