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Co(erced)-sleeping: how we share a sleeping space with our two year old

Amira and her husband, Saad, are still co-sleeping with their two year old, Aiman. They love the idea, but the actual sleeping arrangement might just do Amira in.

How I turned an IKEA changing table into a co-sleeper

Turning an IKEA Snigler changing table into the perfect co-sleeper for a low platform bed.

Calculated risk, or why I let my kid sleep on his stomach

I’m not stupid: I know that it’s recommended that infants sleep on their backs, and I understand why it’s recommended. SIDS is scary, terrifying stuff — and the fact it’s still mired in mystery means that there’s extra fear around it.

Cort hunts AND paints his daughter’s fingernails

Every week on Offbeat Mama, we express our appreciation for dads everywhere by featuring photos of hottie DILFs. Here’s this week’s papa … oh and PS: Let us oggle your partner! My partner, Cort and I have been together since high school. We have two gorgeous kids who get their looks from their daddy. He […]

Is feminist motherhood an oxymoron?

I’ve been having a very difficult time trying to marry my feminist ideals with my thoughts on what a mother should do, and I have a lot of hang-ups about whether or not I’m making enough sacrifices for my daughter.