How do you get over your sewing anxiety?

I finally broke down last year and convinced my husband to get me a starter sewing machine for my birthday. I have made some things, pillows and an amazing Star Trek Fez for DragonCon this past August. But I find myself so intimidated by my sewing machine and the lingering ghost of my mother's seamstress talents, that I can't seem to get myself to try anything else. How do you get over sewing anxiety? And are there any good alternative/offbeat sewers and blogs out there that I can follow?


Where can one find positive vegetarian-themed networking websites?

I recently joined (and subsequently deleted my account from) a vegetarian networking website. What I got was more of an anti-meat-eater coalition. Now, don't get me wrong: there were some very kind people there, but the general attitude was aggressive. What I really just want is a supportive network for vegetarians, with little-to-no negativity. Has anyone heard of something like that?


"Unfucking" your habitat together: 5 ways to get your partner to help clean house

I've lived with my spouse for four years. In that time, through several apartments and sets of roommates, I've learned that we are in fact Dirty People. Rather than keep each other motivated, the two of us tend to wallow in our own filth. This is how the blog Unfuck Your Habitat taught me the 5 ways to help get my cleaning-impaired husband to pitch in on the cleaning duties.