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When previous homeowners find your home reno blog

You know we love us some house blogs, and you KNOW we love hearing about your before and afters. But what happens if your “after” was someone’s beloved “before” and they happen to stumble upon your posts about your frustrated home struggles? These are indeed 21st century problems, but they are also very real experiences. One Homie gives us a reminder about how small the interwebs can be.

Seeking agnostic, feminist homemaking blogs

I’ve been trying to find homemaking blogs that are more feminist or agnostic or atheist. Or basically, blogs that don’t talk about submitting to God as a step to becoming a good homemaker. I just want more spaces where I can read and comment without feeling as if I don’t really belong. I’m having difficulty finding many, and I was hoping for some recommendations.

When you’ve read all of the Empire, here are 10 blogs on homesteading, crafts, cats, and experiments

Jax wants to know if I have any blogs to suggest for reading after she’s covered all the Empire posts. *scoff* Do I have any blogs to recommend! I managed to keep it to ten.