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Use stumpy slivers of soap to make MORE soap

I recently ran out of hand soap and decided that rather than buy more, I’d just rinse out the soap bottle and pump and make my own. It’s super easy to make your own soap using the stumpy remnants of bar soap (you know, the little sliver that’s a little too big to throw away but too small to really use) or little hotel bars.

Giving up shampoo and washing my hair less ICKS ME OUT — how can I make natural hair care products fit my life?

I really enjoyed the advice on brightening up red hair. In fact, Evathedefiler’s comment led me to buy natural shampoo bars from Southland Soap.

Now I’m a little intimidated by my journey into Pantene Pro-V-free living, especially since I haven’t had the best luck with this stuff before; trying to wash my hair every other day gave me icky shame. Could I get some advice on what to expect when you’re switching to natural hair care? I’d like to hear about the face and body too.

How to turn your bathroom cupboard into a cat box

Behind that door is a cat box. This bathroom cupboard didn’t have any shelves inside. So I put a piece of carpet down, added a cat door and the cat box is inside!

How can I brighten up my red hair without frying it?

I’ve gotten sick of killing my hair with dye, but I still want to brighten it up. I need to learn a less frizz-forming way to kick up my red head.