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Pacifiers that close when they’re dropped and other crazy baby stuff you might actually want

I haven’t had an infant in years so it’s easy to forget that the world of baby stuff keeps on expanding. While looking up something or other on Amazon the other night I stumbled upon the Keep it Kleen Pacifier — aka the pacifier that closes up when it’s dropped.

How do I deal with family members who want to get my kids tons of STUFF?

What do you do when your family can’t stop buying you baby and kid stuff that you DON’T NEED?

Copy ‘n’ paste phrases for when you don’t need more baby crap

We’ve gotten numerous questions from readers about how to communicate with friends and family about baby gifts. Specifically, how to let them know you don’t want any, are ok with used stuff, don’t want any before the baby’s born, etc. We’ve got suggestions!

Reducing amount of kid-detritus

Like the alcoholic who will always be recovering and never recovered, my problem isn’t in the amount of crap I have but the heavy, painful WANTING I sometimes experience.

What the hell is wrong with me? Probably a combination of the marketing of the “Baby Industrial Complex,” and too much of that quasi-free time I have, in which my body is doing something like nursing a baby, but my mind is free to wander through an imaginary toy aisle.

The baby industrial complex and the pink bathtub

Since we live in a very small urban home, we’ve had to be super selective with baby crap. But I will admit, there is ONE baby item I didn’t think I needed that turned out to be mission critical…