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I want this mustached juice machine man

He is genius. Pop him in a fat orange, turn the handle (to rip up the fruit’s precious guts…it’s hard for me to stop anthropomorphizing) and sip!

Mmmmmm, orange guts!

Confessions of a kitchen gadget lover

My name is Ange and I have a serious addiction. It’s time I joined a group of like minded addicts because I could use some help — should I get the turquoise toaster or the red one that matches my kettle?…

I have an addiction to kitchen gadets.

The retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station and the joy/pain of single-use kitchen appliances

When I saw this uber-adorable, super retro-styled 3-in-1 Breakfast Station my heart simultaneously leapt with joy and sank with bitter grumbles. SO ADORABLE! A STATION! FOR YOUR BREAKFAST! — but really, who needs another single-use kitchen appliance, even when it’s a retrotastic 3-in-1 station?

You are what you eat: what the inside of your fridge says about your household

Does anything in one’s home tell as clear a story about its inhabitants as the refrigerator? I hadn’t really thought about it before, until I saw You Are What You Eat, a series of photos by artist Mark Menjivar, who profiled 35 refrigerators and the people who own them.