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19 awesome electric kettles that you’ll never want to put away

I was gifted an awesome electric kettle from my British friends with a note that said, “So you can make a proper cup of tea. Step away from the microwave!”

And I love it! It’s not only great at making water hot, but it also looks great. So here’s my roundup of electric kettles that’ll not only help you make tea, but will also help make you happy when you see ’em in your kitchen…

How do you reheat leftovers without a microwave?

We just moved into a lovely older house that we’re planning on renting for at least a year. It doesn’t have a microwave, and I’m inclined to keep it that way. I am seriously at a loss, however, for how to heat up leftovers — especially meat — without making them rubbery and dry. Any tips for this erstwhile cook?

I abandoned the microwave and haven’t looked back

A few years ago I was watching an episode of one of Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows. He noted, with an air of superiority, that he doesn’t even own a microwave. I remember thinking that he was a) wrong, and b) preachy. But the idea of having my shit so damn together that I didn’t need the convenience of a microwave stuck with me.

Brighten up your mornings with toasters in technicolor!

I’m in the market for a new toaster and I’m happy and sad to report that I’ve found the toaster of my dreams! But, it’s over $300. So my search continues. But in the meantime, I’ve been discovering all these brightly colored toasters in a full rainbow of colors. Wanna come colorful toaster shopping with me?

Share your favorite veggie-friendly crock pot recipes

I am yearning for the delicious smells of dinner in the crock pot that I remember from childhood.

What veggie friendly meals do you cook in your crock pots? Thoughts on using meat-subs in recipes? Help us expand our meals by liberating this poor, neglected appliance!

How can I get my beloved deep fat fryer REALLY clean?

My deep fat fryer is one of my most beloved possessions. It has graced me many a time with the comfort of egg rolls, fritters, and other foods I probably shouldn’t like so much.

Sadly, my little friend is a royal pain to clean up…

Let’s talk about what washing machine to buy

We had an older washer break, and apparently it is not something Miss Fix-it here can fix. Being as it is an older washer and repairing may be an endless pit, we have decided to replace it. Does anyone have a washer they’d recommend? Has anyone ever purchased a refurbished appliance, and how did that work out?

How to paint a polka dot washer and dryer that will hold up over time

The laundry room has been a sticking point as we put together out house. It was such a cramped, cluttered nightmare that no one would want to see. U to the G-L-Y. BUT NOW, thanks to a polka dot stencil and some turquoise paint, my much-prettier washer and dryer are leading the way in laundry beautification.