Brighten up your mornings with toasters in technicolor!

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31BFX0oVT2LI’m in the market for a new toaster. True, the one I have works okay, but it’s starting to not be able to keep up with my constant demand. I have toast every. single. day. That and my coffee maker are the most used appliances in my home. (Watch out for a coffee maker that, both, grinds and brews round-up some time in the future.) So, I’m both happy and sad to report that I’ve found the toaster of my dreams!

Happy: it’s this rocking blue color that will not only match my kitchen’s accent tiles, but will make me happy every morning when I make my toast.

Sad: It’s over $300.

So my search continues. But in the meantime, I’ve been discovering all these brightly colored toasters in a full rainbow of colors. Wanna come colorful toaster shopping with me?

Screen shot 2013-01-04 at 11.59.06 AMFor a few bucks less I could get a colorful two slicer — but that won’t keep up with my four-piece-a-day habit.

61cypdlSRnL._SL1500_This is the toaster I have now (only in stainless steel). It was definitely awesome — in its hey-day it used to go from zero-to-toast in no time at all — and has served me well these past seven years. But since mine is stainless and I wasn’t well-versed on the care of stainless steel when I got it, I’ve totally ruined the facade. I probably should have gotten the red one to begin with. It’s currently on sale for $55!

811dFhrqpkL._SL1500_Orange is my most favoritist color. If these bad boys came in four-bangers, I’d snatch this orange one for $80 up post-haste.

OpenZoomLayerThis bright purple toaster with polka-dots for $25 is kind of killing it right now. WOW!

Cuisinart 2 Slice Toaster, BlueHere’s another cool blue one in a two-slice model, that’s only $35! If only it had four slots. I’d take you home with me and name you Toastie.

This Bodum Bistro toaster also comes in white, brown, and red, with prices ranging from $59 to $99!

ref=dp_image_z_0Speaking of brown toasters, I couldn’t pass over the Domo toaster. How cute is this guy!? He’s a steal at $40.

yellow toasterHere’s a toaster with sunshine-y yellow accents for $27.

Kenmore 4 slice toaster, PurpleHere’s a boxy, purple, four-slice toaster for $36! Funky and affordable. Mama likes.

Aw, he ain’t colorful, but he’s cute, isn’t he? He almost looks anthropomorphized with those little knobs for eyes and a smiley face of buttons. Unfortunately, all that cute is gonna cost you $276.

81FkDGeJCTL._SL1500_This awesome red toaster has a clear panel that lets you watch your toast become toast! It’s like watching a magic show every morning, for the one-time price of $50. Oh toaster-makers, what will you think of next?

But, sigh, my mind still drifts back to that $300 blue toaster. Maybe I shall read this post again and save up some bread (get it?) so that I can make that toaster MINE one day.

Until then, anyone else got brightly colored toaster recommendations?

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  1. I think Dualit is the brand Meg from APW has that will apparently last forever. That 4 slicer might be the last toaster you ever have to buy.

    I just remembers being flabberghasted by the coast of the toaster, and it was like an 8 slicer, but made to last and I think I remember it having color to it too. I cannot confirm though if it is infact the same crazy dependable brand or not though. It’s just some food for thought.

  2. There is no reason for toasters to be boring, there is no reason for toasters to not come in the myriad of popular styles from the past however-many decades.

    It’s a goddamn toaster.

    The technology is not overly complex — the functional problem (“how do I produce small amounts of heat using small bits of electricity for short bits of time”) has been solved countless times over.

    All that remains is aesthetics, and trend, and marketing. Which is frustrating.

    If I want a toaster that looks like it came from Ramond Loewy’s workshop, it shouldn’t cost a bajillion dollars. It’s a TOASTER! IT MAKES TOAST!

    This is what excites me about technology, the internet, things like Kickstarter — all the various bits that are coming together to allow makers to say, “I have a weird idea. It’s small, it won’t have a mass market, and that’s fine. It doesn’t need to, I’m not looking to feed a company of 20,000 toaster makers — I can do this with 1.”

      • Welcome to one of the most confusing hurdles that has ever appeared in my marriage. To this day, he can’t figure out why I keep the toaster around, and I simply cannot explain why toast from the toaster oven tastes gross and weird and takes FOREVER.

        Compromise? We just use the toaster oven for frozen pizzas. SUCCESS.

      • I did not understand the power of the toaster oven until my husband wanted to add one to our wedding registry. I was raised in a two-slice toaster household, but it was like, the one thing he wanted… Now I am totally converted!

        As others have mentioned, you can melt cheese on things, and warm up muffins, and bake tiny pies, and it’s easier to clean out the crumbs. I have even baked fish in the toaster oven! And in high school my best friend and I used her toaster oven to bake Fimo clay. 🙂 It’s kind of fun to think, “I could use my large, regular oven for this, or I could use the adorable MINI OVEN on my counter!”

  3. I want a toaster that looks like the toaster from The Brave Little Toaster…eyes and everything. I googled it and didn’t find anything.

    And now I’m on youtube watching clips from that movie haha.

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