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Dangerous Cooking for Boys: an 11-year-old’s online cooking show for kids with allergies

This is my awesome little cousin, Tully. He is unschooled and this year has begun his own online cooking show, Dangerous Cooking for Boys. Tully is 11 and suffers from a number of allergies and cannot eat dairy, gluten or sugar so has started making videos (specifically aimed at boys but my daughter loves them) that make cooking fun for kids.

To sniff out childhood allergies, researchers head to the farm

Researchers have noticed that Amish children who live on farms in rural Indiana have significantly lower rates of allergies, and they think drinking raw milk and living in a dirtier environment might be the reason why.

How can I deal with pregnancy cravings for food I’m allergic to?

I’m intolerant to gluten — I’ve been tested professionally and have the paperwork to prove it. I’ve had no problem dropping it from my diet until now… while I’m pregnant. Apparently all the baby wants in the world is wheat products — noodles, bread, pastries, etc. No junk food, just anything and everything with wheat in it.

Healthy homemade nut-free lunch options for school-age kids

I have a new “back to basics” attitude when it comes to my son’s school lunches this year. I’m limiting as much prepackaged items as possible and increasing my own homemade items — with spectacular results.