Dangerous Cooking for Boys: an 11-year-old’s online cooking show for kids with allergies

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Tully in one of his videos.
Georgia from Documenting Delight has a habit of sending us awesome gems — including sharing a link to Dangerous Cooking for Boys:

This is my awesome little cousin, Tully. He is unschooled and this year has begun his own online cooking show, Dangerous Cooking for Boys. Tully is 11 and suffers from a number of allergies and cannot eat dairy, gluten, or sugar so has started making videos (specifically aimed at boys but my daughter loves them) that make cooking fun for kids.

He even got a superhero designed as his mascot and makes the sweetest little edgy cooking videos! The videos are filmed and edited by his older brother Luka, who is 14. He’s got super cute tips in his recipe videos like “and you’d better wipe down the benches or your mum is going to get mad.”

Here’s Tully’s recipe for Tupcakes (gluten, sugar, and dairy-free cupcakes):

You can check out Tully’s recipes on Facebook and his website!

Comments on Dangerous Cooking for Boys: an 11-year-old’s online cooking show for kids with allergies

  1. It’s cute, but I was hoping he would show how to properly measure and mix ingredients, as I felt that learning these techniques early on really helped me later on.

  2. This is great!! Now, when you you say he’s “unschooled” is that what we call “homeschooling” in the US, or is he doing some totally self-guided learning thing? I’ve been hearing more & more stories on NPR that that might be the way to go.

  3. You go, Danger Cook! I’ve never tried baking with agave nectar, but you’ve inspired me to give it a shot.

    Cupcake-making tip: use an ice cream scoop to get the batter into the cupcake liners – the type with the thing that scrapes along the inside when you squeeze it. Perfect amount of batter with minimal mess and frustration. My scoop gets used more for cupcakes than for ice cream. 🙂

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