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In which I share my secret wine selection method

It’s really quite simple:
#Set a budget for your wine buy
#Choose your favorite wine label
#Buy wine with said label

Come, let me show you exactly how I choose wines.

Tricks and treats: Make Star Wars Ouija boards and apple cinnamon vodka

Let’s get in the Halloween spirit with a look at two awesome photos from the Offbeat Home Flickr group… Make yourself some apple cinnamon vodka, and call up the Star Wars spirits!

Celebrate Oktoberfest digitally with new homebrew recipes

It being Oktoberfest season, I want to take a little time to swap stories, recipes, and beer-laden goodies. Come in for recipes!

Hosting lessons I’ve learned from seven years of throwing an annual party

After our wedding in 2004, Andreas and I decided that camping with our friends in the forest of my mom’s property was so much fun that we wanted to do it every single year. I’ve learned MUCH!

Beep Boop Beep: these robot coasters love you

These adorable letterpressed robot coasters from Eugene, Oregon’s Twin Ravens Press just melted my icy heart. So simple, so robotic, so adorbz. Awesome gift? Sweet splurge? You decide.

There’s always room for Jell-O at your party if you make classy Jell-O shots

In this post: GORGE photos of grown-ass Jell-O shots — from the high-end delicate French 78 flowers to the Harry Potter-themed chocolate frogs filled with booze, and several shots in between.

Armed with this info, your parties can be just as boozy but twice as classy.

Steal this party idea: sippy-cup cocktail party

In a harried moment the other day, I picked up one of my son’s sippy cups and took a chug of water. It was one of these cheap weiner dog sippies from Ikea, and as I was drinking from it I realized … I really LIKE how this feels in my hand. Then I realized I’d like it with a cocktail in it.

Don’t waste your weed: make dandelion wine

Dandelions are so much more than a lawn pest. They’re used in all kinds of folk remedies and herbal medicine. The leaves are edible. And the petals can be made into wine!