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Closet before and after with bonus rainbow hallway action!

Last winter, I re-organized my husband’s closet, and moved many of the storage systems I had in my closet over to his. Surely I could make do without them, right? Wrong. A year later, and my closet had reached epic fail mode. Time to make some changes. Here’s how I used a closet organizing tool, plus IKEA to re-organize my closet.

Rainbow hallway runner will make your day

Remember when Alice shared her de-beige-ified rental kitchen? Well she’s added a butt-ton of color to her hallway, too — with this awesome pants rainbow runner!

I begged her for more details on how she achieved this rainbow hallway look, and she divulged the goods!

Monday Moment: super efficient hallway-style

Thanks to litalita3 for sharing her hallway moment-in-progress with us. And it’s also proof that even un-perfected moments can still make you seriously happy. Oh yeah, and I bet you thought the hallways was wallpapered? Yeah, I did too. What is actually is is mind-blowing.

Turn your hallway into an office

I love the idea of getting more out of the spaces in your home that are generally overlooked. If you have a fairly wide hallway, you could use that space to do double-duty as a small office.

Fill a foyer with plants

Carol-san shared her photos of a smart use of space: her home has a less-than functional space in this passageway. Happily, she’s made the best of it by greening up the space with lots of indirect-light-loving plants.