Can you tell me how to get… to a Sesame Street-themed birthday party? (!!)

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You guys may remember the Dr. Seuss-themed birthday party shot by Atlanta-based Uzbin Photograhy that we featured a few months ago — and today I’ve got yet another awesome looking kid fete for one-year-old Aya. Aya’s mother, Palwasha, planned a Sesame Street-themed event for her kidlet, and the photos are crazy adorable:

All photos by Uzbin Photography.

Gumballs presented by Bert? You betcha.
Alright, how many of you saw that cake and said '(insert your kid's name here) would LOVE THAT.' ?
Yes to this hat. That is all.
Birthday girl!
The hat is winningggggg!
She's all: 'Don't even think about eating that cake before I get to.'

You can dig on even more shots from the day at the post on Uzbin Photography’s blog!

Comments on Can you tell me how to get… to a Sesame Street-themed birthday party? (!!)

  1. How cute is Aya!!! I just love when parents dress up in theme for their kids parties! I recently attended a hippie scooby do party for a 6 year old. Dressing up makes a kids party more fun for the parents!
    Also, love those veggie plates! I’m going to steal that idea for regular parties: monster veggies!

  2. If you need MORE Sesame Street, check out Being Elmo (streaming on Netflix). It’s a documentary about Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind Elmo. The movie could be better, but the content is really interesting, and some of the scenes are unbelievable. It’s worth watching just to see the guy behind the Real Elmo walk past that bewildered-looking Fake Elmo in Times Square, totally unrecognized.

    • So I want to know where you got your adult shirts and Ava’s Elmo shirt?! I love it! I want to do my daughters 2nd birthday in sesame street! Thanks Nicole

      • Sorry I am just now seeing this. The adult shirts were purchased off of Ebay. Aya’s shirt was custom ordered on Etsy and made by butterflybowtique.

  3. my nephew’s birthday was last week and also sesame street themed. i wish i’d seen this before, the veggie/fruit trays are genius.

    we had a “pin the beak on big bird” but a few of the older kids didn’t get the memo and ended up… well… let’s just say they pinned the other pecker.

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