Enter Sock Dreams utopia: where socks are the gateway to body positivity!

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From left to right: Dreamer Jacquard Flowering Vine OTK, Spiral Cotton OTK, M45s
From left to right: Dreamer Jacquard Flowering Vine OTK, Spiral Cotton OTK, M45s

Everyone’s as obsessed with Sock Dreams as I am, right? I mean, how can you resist a magical realm where people are so obsessed with their socks that they have special acronyms like OTK (Over The Knee), and review them with precise descriptions like exactly what size of deliciously meaty thigh any given stocking will perfectly fit?

The cuffs on these M45s stretch to about 27 inches.
The cuffs on these M45s stretch to about 27 inches.

Yeah, I said DELICIOUSLY MEATY THIGH. As a company, Sock Dreams is clearly super into body positivity. This is not a site that ever describes a product as “one size fits all.” For almost every item, they list maximum stretch cuff measurements, and I know from experience that they’re willing to give extra guidance to customers who aren’t sure if a given product will fit them. They have a plus size section dedicated to sweet-ass products like grumpy cat legging.


Dreamer Vertically Checkered OTKs

Sock Dreams is also diligent about not making gender assumptions about who’s going to like a given style — for instance, these socks are described as “a wonderful knee-high on curvier folks & guys!”

From left to right: Dreamer Checkerboard Crews, Dreamer Acrylic Slouch Socks, Dreamer Marine Crews.
From left to right: Dreamer Checkerboard Crews, Dreamer Acrylic Slouch Socks, Dreamer Marine Crews.

This goes the other way, too. Their more masculine-styled socks list women’s shoe sizes as well, and they show masculine socks with typically more feminine shoes. Basically, Sock Dreams wants your toes warm, no matter what your gender identity.

Even their teeny socks (which most would probably just call “children’s socks”) are described as “designed for kid-sized legs” — because they get that adult bodies come in a range of sizes, including very small. This kind of inclusive language is really difficult to nail (I’ve spent years trying to figure it out!), and it’s clear that Sock Dreams really truly gets it.

Another aspect of Sock Dreams utopia? They totally walk their talk minimizing their impact on the environment, from stockroom to shipping. They buy green power and recycle obsessively. My orders always come with uber-minimal packaging. They even try to get their cotton-blend yarn recycled from textile cuttings in a process that conserves and reuses its own water.

This is all great stuff, right? Body positivity! Gender neutrality! Sustainable ethos! Really, though. I just want the pictures of the socks. For that, my friends, we must all go to the Sock Dreams blog and bathe in the warm-footed u-TOE-pia.

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  1. As a knee-high devotee, they’re pretty much my favorite shop ever. The physical shop is awesome, but the webshop w/ free shipping everywhere is THE BEST now that I don’t live there anymore.

  2. I love Sock Dreams! I made my first order before I went to Burning Man last year to pick up a bunch of fun rainbow things to keep warm at night. In the notes section I told them what the socks were for, and then my package included a handwritten note to have fun for them and a big sticker that’s been on my laptop ever since. The place is obviously run by real people who are extremely passionate about socks and the people who shop there. That, and I gotta love any online store that includes detailed sizing info and reviews.

  3. I’ve been buying from them for years. They are a sock lovers paradise! I have long legs and fairly chunky thighs and this is the only place that I have ever found that does thigh highs that actually fit me properly.

  4. I love that you guys have posted about this. I’ve been obsessed with Sock Dreams for years and usually ask for socks for Christmas 😀

  5. I love love love love love love love love love Sock Dreams. I also have a draw of just stuff I have ordered from them over the years. Also, now that I have seen the Vertically Checkered OTKs…I must own some 🙂

  6. I found Sock Dreams because a previous post on Offbeat Home! Love them! I bought the bamboo socks because I thought that was a nifty thing. I didn’t realize bamboo could be used as a textile! The bamboo is really warm, which is great this time of year!

    • Neat thing about bamboo also is that it is cool in summer. I work in a closed-toe-shoe workplace and that means socks in summer. My feet don’t melt if they’re in bamboo.


  8. I love socks, but somehow I’ve never heard of Sock Dreams before. Thanks for sharing this awesome source! I’m off to browse!

  9. After 5 seconds on the site, I saw that they mentioned that “one size” would fit womens 7-14 and mens 5-12. This is the first time I have ever seen a sock company acknowledge my shoe size as ACTUALLY EXISTING and not just sending me to “mens XL = womens 10+”. I am already in love.

  10. Yay! Been seeing posts for years and finally took the plunge! SOCKS FOR EVERYONE THIS HOLIDAY!!! EVERYOOOONNNNNEEE!!!!

  11. If it ever got cold enough here to wear anything but sports socks (and that’s only when playing sport) I would be all over some of those chunky knit thigh highs, they are amazing.

  12. I have kid-sized feet! (And hands. I lost the perfect pair of gloves a decade ago and still haven’t found another pair which fit properly. If the fingers fit then I can’t flex my thumb, if the wrist is long enough then the fingers are a whole inch too long, etc.)

  13. Great site!! I have a feeling one of you could help me, as I didn’t find this on the site, but maybe it’s there and I’m not looking in the right spot… my niece asked me for, what I can only describe as a “sock dickie,” basically a cuff that goes at the top of your boot that *looks* like you’re wearing socks, but you’re not. Anyone know where I can find such a thing, and perhaps what the actual name is? (Oh the looks I get when I inquire about “sock dickies.”)

  14. Be wary of the “plus-size” section. I couldn’t find anything that would let me be over 180 lbs, which would be fairly average for my height, hardly what you would wish for from a plus-size.

  15. I am very glad to know that you provide every size’s knee socks. My feet are very small and I have to face many problems while buying my size’s knee socks. sometimes I can’t get my choice’s knee socks but after reading this post it is seeming that you can solve my problem. I can get any type of socks through your website. can you provide with home delivery facility?

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