Turn a sock into a scarf for your cold little doggy

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Scarves for ALL the freezing cold Finleys!
Scarves for ALL the freezing cold Finleys!

This winter I took a road trip with my family to visit our parents in Texas. You know what’s between Los Angeles, California and Dallas, Texas? A lot of COLD-ASS WEATHER! Cold weather that these Los Angelinos are not used to.

After waking up one morning, somewhere in New Mexico, and loading our dogs into the freshly de-iced car (did you know you can de-ice your windshield with a CD jewel case?) I felt super-guilty about how miserably cold my pups looked. So I half-jokingly wrapped my infinity scarf around my pitbull Jackson’s neck, assuming that he’d be struggling get it off within seconds (like he usually does when we force people clothes upon him). Instead, he seemed to really love it! He seemed happier, warmer, and he clearly didn’t want to take it off. But I had nothing to offer our smaller dog, Peezu.

That was until Jackson ate one of my knee-high socks while we were staying at my parents’ house. After cursing Jackson, the lightbulb hit, and I decided to see if I could turn the one remaining good sock into an infinity scarf for Peezu.

Good news: it worked. Which means… if I can do it, YOU can do it. Ready for the most un-impressive, but most adorable, easiest DIY project ever?

What you’ll need:

  • One knee-high sock
  • Thread
  • Needle

What you need to do:

photo 1Step One: Stop yelling at your dog for destroying one of your favorite pairs of knee-high socks, and rescue the other perfectly intact sock.

photo 2Step Two: Make a circle out of your sock with the toe inside of the top hole. Make sure that the sock can easily wrap around your dog’s neck once or twice (depending on how tiny your pup is) before you start the next step.

photo 4Step Three: Grab your needle and thread. My mom happened to have a needle pre-threaded with a perfectly matching-colored spool of thread.

photo 5Step Four: Then go to town. I have ZERO sewing skills, so I just attacked it sewing the sock together, back and forth from side to side, twice. (If that thread wasn’t matching you would totally be able to see what a crap job I did of sewing.)

Jackson and Peezu looking fabulous in scarves. My dad's dog in the background is clearly jealous.
Jackson and Peezu looking fabulous in scarves. My dad’s dog in the background is clearly jealous.

This brother and sister pair happily rocked their infinity scarves all the way back home!

Comments on Turn a sock into a scarf for your cold little doggy

  1. Uhm, I may seriously have to try this with a smaller sock so I can make a scarf for my pet rat. Just because it would be ADORABLE. And if I can find some barbie sized indie glasses, it wold be even better, if I could get some pictures before he decided to eat them.

  2. awe this is sooo cute! offbeat home, i love you again.

    *just please nobody let their dogs run around alone like this though. we don’t want any panic strangling. my mom’s pup died like that.

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