Small bathroom sinks that make a BIG impact

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small sinksI have a super small master bathroom that doesn’t allow for a large sink. But just because it’s a small space, doesn’t mean that I have to settle for a boring sink. I’m on the lookout for a small bathroom vanity (no larger than 24″ wide) that’s worth me spending the dough. Like, are you with me on digging this Fresca Brilliante natural wood vanity? It’s $640, which I’m none too excited about paying. So I think I’ll keep looking.

In the meantime check out all these awesomely tiny options that I found — prices range from $$$$-$$. No matter how many dollar signs they are, they all make quite the statements. And, as always, click on any of the photos to learn more about the vanities…

This futuristic pedestal sink is all kinds of wow-factor for $198.This futuristic pedestal sink is all kinds of wow-factor for $198.

But I like this one for $176 better, because at least it's got shelves for storage. But I like this one for $176 better, because at least it’s got shelves for storage.

Fresca Quadro Pedestal SinkHoly crap! Check out the lines on this Fresca Quadro White Pedestal Sink! This is $779, but it includes the medicine cabinet, which is nice.

Rio 22" Bathroom Vanity with Glass Countertop The Rio 22″ Bathroom Vanity with glass countertop is a LOT of cool for $397.

fairmont rustic chicI love that this one is rustic but still modern.

Amanda 22" Vanity Set by Wyndham Collection - EspressoEco-friendly Amanda 22″ Vanity Set comes in tons of options for $699.

modern wall mounted sink This wall-mounted vanity is all kinds of modern and awesome.

41MwaCGPZ9LWhoa, this $235 minimalist wall-mounted sink is RAD! I’m digging the built-in towel rod.

Esprit Custom CaesarStone™ Bathroom Pedestal Vanity - Pyra Vessel SinkMade from CaesarStone, which is four times stronger than granite, these are super-durable and I love the colors!

Fresca Ovale Modern Glass Bathroom Vanity w/ Frosted Edge MirrorYou have GOT to click the link on this to see all the cool features of this guy. Because I’m blown away that this is just $399.

Do you have a sweet small bathroom sink? If so, do you have any tips for people with small sinks?

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  1. Not sure if these guys have suppliers in the USA or not, but I saw this post and the Fusion immediately came to mind: It’s nice because you can choose the type of sink you like, and you get all-important storage underneath.

    The glass sinks look really cool, but speaking as someone who works in a bath showroom and has had to dust these things on a daily basis, imagine them with other crud such as soap scum and toothpaste and you’ll be cursing them forever!

  2. I love all these small bathroom ideas and designs but i particularly love the one in the third photo. I love that it’s glass and there are also glass shelves. I have a thing for glass so that explains why. Our bathroom is not that spacious so any of these designs will definitely fit our bathroom. I think it’s time for some sprucing up.

  3. Wow! awesome designs! I like the penultimate picture, very stylish and elegant, and also with a lot of space below the sink. I’ve recently remodelled my bathroom, and as it is quite small, I’ve looked some minimalist designs in Roca’s Bathroom collection. I have some big mirror too, that makes it look bigger!


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