Great idea of the day: Use Skittles to flavor and color your drinks

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Arizona Sphinxx Photography

Aside from using them as a interior design palette, Skittles candies can also be used to color and flavor your drinks! Over on Offbeat Bride, Superman highlighted Ashley and Alexander's bright idea of dropping a few Skittles into their sparkling waters to create a colorful and bubbly non-alcoholic toast.

Here at Home, let's talk about how we can use this idea at all kinds of parties — alcohol-fueled or not. (Although I wonder how Skittles-infused champagne might taste…)

  1. A friend of mine tried this with vodka, once. It was disgusting, and I don't recommend it, hah. However, sparkling water sounds good.

  2. Oh darn, vodka is what immediately came to mind. No matter, I am texting my boyfriend as we speak to bring home skittles from work, and the experimenting will commence! This idea sounds faaaah-bulous!

  3. You can make skittles vodka in the dishwasher as you wash your dishes! I have done this many times with skittles and various other lollies (Cherry Ripe vodka in winter = so good) with great success. I strain mine twice through a normal pasta strainer afterwards and it's ready to go.

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