Shopping with Pushba and Lada

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Just another shot in my ongoing digital homage to Pushba, everyone’s favorite Russian goth mama. She’s pregnant with her second child, and looks like she and Grater took their daughter Lada out for a little fall shopping. CUTIE FAM!

For more shots, check Pushba’s livejournal.

Comments on Shopping with Pushba and Lada

  1. Im curious to see if their kids grow up to be goth like Mom and Dad or completely rebell and go all cheerleader and whatnot. As a goth mommy myself, I want to dress Lyra in black and skulls and stuff and I hope she likes it, but I will be sure to support her self expression even if she does not. But I really hope she does.

  2. Looks like shopping is shopping is shopping wherever you are. Long lines don’t care whether or not your hair is the most vibrant shade of blue under the sun. {I am just BLUE with envy!} Do wish I could read the newspaper article at the bottom though!

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