Ridiculous dorm decor no one needs, but you’ll want anyway

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Poop emoji coasters by ofthetown

I need these poop emoji coasters like emojis needed their own movie. But now that I’ve seen them, I really really want them. I feel like if I was still living with a bunch of dudes in college, they’d be perfect. In fact, the rest of these ridiculous home decor items would look great for your going back to school shopping…

Knitted DOPE Pillow by AdaHandmadeDesign
Zuny Dinosaur bookend
Jellyfish Air Plant Holder by FunUsualSuspects
Portable Water Resistant Speaker with Suction Cup that’s shaped like a snail!
Addicted to pot coffee mug
Make your own GIANT penguin lamp from TetraVariations
A two pack of Shark Bite Coolies
Pizza Tea Towel by Xenotees
Elephant Water Dispenser
Hand painted Avocado Wall Clock by HelloSunshineEtsy
CHEERS BITCHES Glitter Banner by tenderlovecardstock
“They see me rollin” print by TheCrownPrints
Hodor Door Stop Holder
“Please don’t die” planter by luxurygrove

Comments on Ridiculous dorm decor no one needs, but you’ll want anyway

  1. I am a 66 YO fan of Offbeat and I woul completely decorate with all f these items. Not at once, mind you and many would get pinched by younger family members. Still… Great selections!


  2. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the link to the “Addicted to pot” mug. That is absolutely the most perfect gift for my father in law. Christmas present sorted!

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