The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back today: love it or hate it?

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Pumpkin Spice Latte date 2018: The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back today: love it or hate it?
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In its earliest premiere ever, Starbucks is releasing the 2018 Pumpkin Spice Latte today, August 28, unofficially heralding the coming of fall. As someone who’s motto is usually, “let people enjoy things,” I don’t get mad about it. It’s a tasty drink and gets people excited for a popular season. How bad could it be? But you know how it is, especially on the internet.

Earlier this summer, Starbucks got into the social game for the PSL with a private Facebook group called The Leaf Rakers Society where fans could go to discuss their love for fall and the notorious beverage.

SO! What are your thoughts:

Is it too early for pumpkin spice?

Are people too judgey about being “basic” when the bacon obsession is just as wild?

Are you on board for making all pumpkin, all the time?

Have you already gotten your first PSL today?!

Are you more into [other fall flavor of choice, depending on what they release]?

Are you sticking to your local indie coffee shop instead?

Share your love it/hate it thoughts in the comments (while either sipping that sweet coffee concoction or your hardcore black espresso!)

Comments on The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back today: love it or hate it?

  1. As someone who can’t have caffeine (yep even decaf- it’s got a bit of caffeine still), I appreciate places that have things that are pumpkin-spice that aren’t caffeinated (like flavored scones, hot chocolate (normally doesn’t have a level of caffeine that could still affect me), etc.)

  2. Pumpkin spice is tasty, and people who judge other people for liking things and exhibiting enthusiasm about things that bring them joy are boring. Like things! Enjoy life! Be happy! Let other people be happy! Etc.

  3. I honestly just can’t imagine going out for a hot beverage of any flavor today! We’re under a heat advisory where I live, and I think it’s a high of like 98 degrees with quite a bit of humidity. I love our local coffee chain (BrewHaha) and they do this super yummy iced “Thai” coffee with spices that are sort of similar to pumpkin spice but sharper and I think it has condensed milk in it so it’s sweet and cold and spicy and sooo good and now I want one.

  4. Schools back in session. PSL is back. It’s the end of summer. Even if its 100 degrees in DC today.

    We’re all basic. If you live in Seattle and love independent coffee shops….basic. DC resident who lives for brunch….basic. Are you a guy who loves fantasy football and craft beer….basic. Bacon enthusiast….basic. Star wars and nerd culture obsessed…basic. We all love something and chances are a lot of other people do too.

    As for coffee, I am a black iced coffee 365 days a year person. So I really can’t judge anyone.

    • So right! We’re so connected now that we have access to so many things, and we know what everybody else likes or doesn’t. Chances are, there are going to be a lot of people who like the same thing you like and also a lot of people who don’t. I’m not a Starbucks person usually myself, but I’m not gonna get mad if you are. We’re way too into dividing ourselves these days, whether on big issues or tiny little ones like PSL. Let’s just not yuck other peoples’ yums!

  5. I liked it better before they put actual pumpkin flavor in it because I think pumpkin tastes gross so I guess I’m an extremely basic bitch. 🙂 I’m happy for any signs of fall because the heat index was 109 here yesterday!

  6. 1) It kind of feels like it would have been better if they’d waited the few days until September, but Starbucks presumably has learned people to tell them when they should release seasonal flavors and the like.

    2) People are too judgmental about other people’s harmless food preferences in general. People drinking pumpkin spice lattes aren’t hurting anyone by doing so.

    3) No. I can’t stand pumpkin spice.

    4) No. Might go down for a hot chocolate this evening, though.

    5) Salted caramel is good.

    6) Nope. I’m a college student; Starbucks is right there on campus and accepts my meal plan, and the indies aren’t and don’t. Convenience wins out unless I’m up by the indies for another reason.

  7. I have nothing against pumpkin spice *anything* (pumpkin spice toothpaste? I’ll give it a shot!). However, I’ve completely written off Starbucks.

    Yes, the staff is pleasant and friendly, but that doesn’t change the fact that SB typically runs out of the seasonal items l-o-n-g before the season is over, (often after less than a week), with no plans of resupply until next year. Not a cool way to get me in the door.

    (Don’t get me started on the whole Unicorn Frappaccino BS of 2017.)

    So I brew my own bean juice (cheaper and healthier), or I visit a local independent coffee shop if I want to treat myself to something fancy. Heck, my local Valero gas station serves some pretty darned good basic coffee, and it’s only $1.50 for a large!

    But if SB works for you, go for it! Just don’t expect to find me there.

  8. I’m from Florida where Summer is a miserable, humid, and rainy mess. So I’m all about Fall (even if “Fall” doesn’t really happen here for at least another month) because it gives hope that the weather will soon be better. Here are my answers! 🙂
    1) Nope!
    2) Yes they are. To each their own… for example, Pumpkin is one of my favorite flavors and I can have it on just about anything. I generally only like bacon when it’s well, bacon and pretty much eat it on it’s own or on a sandwich but I would never judge a bacon lover for their preference to put bacon on every single thing. It’s not my life, not my taste-buds, and that means more pumpkin for me 😛
    3) YES!
    4) Heck yes!
    5) I honestly haven’t tried any of the other ones.
    6) My favorite local indie shop is not conveniently located to my home or my work. 🙁 So I’m really only able to go every couple of weeks

  9. I love PSL but unfortunately it’s too hot where I live right now, plus there isn’t a Starbux nearby. So I when I do get my fix, it’ll be a special treat prob. in a month or so. I love all pumpkin, fake or real, & I love coffee, big brand or indie, so to me PSL is a fab combo. I’m not judgy!

  10. I debating grabbing one today because I do think it’s tasty, but it’s SO hot that I think I’ll have to wait. I prefer local coffee shops where I can, but it is a nice treat for special occasions!

  11. But… but… it’s just cinnamon and nutmeg, maybe a bit of allspice. There’s no actual pumpkin in it. If you are so inclined, and don’t mind making your own (or carrying a wee container of pumpkin spice mix around) you can have it ALL YEAR LONG. I’m not sure I get the fuss.

    1. Drink what you want, when you want (okay maybe not vodka for breakfast), but a minimalist bitch (is too a thing) would just make her own rather than give her $$ to a big corporation.

    2. I’m not sure I get the whole “basic” thing. Is that just another word for normal and mainstream?

    3. I believe in seasonal eating, so I’m not quite ready for hard-core pumpkin anything just yet. But if someone were to make me some pumpkin ravioli in browned butter, I’d be down with that.

    4. No PSLs for me. But a minimalist bitch might just toss a bit of cardamom into her morning dark roast.

    5. People, if you’ve gotta do the ‘Bucks, might I recommend the iced moccachino with coconut milk and a shot of rose syrup. (Yay, secret menu!) Most definitely not basic.

    6. Minimalist bitches brew their own coffee at home whenever possible.

  12. IMO it’s obnoxious that they released it even before September 1st. It is still Summer!

    It’s also depressing that they won’t develop any of the seasonal flavors in sugar free. I used to love PSLs, but Diabetes is a bitch.

    I’m not gonna hate on people who drink PSLs today or any day – it’s a damn delicious beverage, and despote the heat advisory outside, I’m still always cold inside.

  13. Y’all in the south who believe it is too hot do realize that you can get iced pumpkin spice lattes, right? They could probably even whip up a Frappuccino version. And chai tea lattes taste quite similar sans the espresso flavor.

  14. 1) Yes it’s a little too early.
    2) People are too judgey. About everything. ( But not you Dear Offbeat Reader! )
    3) No, marketing certain drinks at certain times of year is genius. It creates a feeling of scarcity that drives consumption and at the same time allows for more drink varieties overall.
    4) No. I like it well enough but I’m not crazy for it.
    5) I’m indifferent.
    6) I’m a coffee whore. I’ll get it wherever it’s most convenient.

  15. It is UTTERLY too fucking early for PS anything. The outside temperature today is 38° C. (100° F.), we won’t even BEGIN to see any relief until mid-October, and Upchuck’s and other merchants can just hold their MF’in horses ‘cos I’m SICK OF IT.

    People do get judgey about PS being basic, but so’s bacon, as you observe. You choose which basic hills yer gonna die on.

    Why do I need to do pumpkin anything?? Pumpkins, unless you buy the little sugar pie pumpkins, are remarkably tasteless. I can do much better with acorn squash, or turban squash, or butternut squash, or Hubbard Blue squash, or ….

    I doubt I will get a PSL at all. The amount of sugar in one would comPLETEly fuck up my sugars for the day.

    If by “local indie coffee shop” you mean “my kitchen where I can make espresso and cappuccino that I like to my heart’s content,” then yes, I am.

  16. It’s too early. It doesn’t feel like fall yet, and pumpkin spice is supposed to be a fall thing. But if it makes people happy, it makes them happy, and since it isn’t hurting anyone else, I really don’t care. I do care about all the horribly fake pumpkin spice scented non-edibles though. Those give me a wicked migraine.

  17. I walked by starbucks today, with no clue about this pumpkin spice latte release.

    The little crafty store next door that sales hand-made accessories had a bunch of mittens and scarves in their display (probably sustainably hand-crafted in peru by a coop of women and made from undyed cruelty-free vegan baby alpaga yarn too!)

    So I guess it isn’t just the big fish out there who are ready to satisfy your fall cravings for comfort.

    (And I don’t care for pumpkin spice lattes. Or lattes either. I prefer regular coffee. Although baked goods with pumpkin spice… Hmmmm…. Now you have me craving pumpkin muffins with raisins in them!)

  18. As someone in the southern hemisphere, living in a city famous for its coffee snobbery (and to be fair, its excellence too), the starbucks PSL is a fascinating foreign culture thing. I know there is a Starbucks here, but I don’t think they do them sadly. I would totally try them. Especially as I’m all about the Tumeric/beetroot/matcha latte fads, so surely already qualify as basic!

  19. I made an arrogant statement not too long ago that we should not be getting anything pumpkin flavored until the months end in “ber.” I do think it’s seasonal and makes the autumn that much more enjoyable… But damnit! I saw it available on the menu* and my resolve crumbled like the flaky buttery graham cracker crust of a pumpkin pie.

    *of the local coffee shop near my office. It’s eeeeeerwhere, not just starbucks. But I do go to starbucks when I’m home since unfortunately that’s the only decent coffee place nearby.

  20. I live in Seattle and took a design theory course by Starbucks’ current marketing director. He’s a highly intelligent, really clever guy. I can’t say this with 100% certainty, but I’m pretty sure the general cultural zeitgeist debate about pumpkin spice is 100% manufactured and actually encouraged by Starbucks’ marketing execs to sell PSLs. Good on you, Starbucks!

    Generally speaking, I feel like this whole conversation is also one more way to pit women against each other for having and expressing their preferences (wether or not they’re actual preferences, or nurtured by clever marketing execs). You just don’t see a debate at this caliber about men liking IPAs.

  21. Starbucks uses too much sugar (or other sweeteners) in their drinks. I prefer going to the local coffee shop down the street from my place; their coffee is much better, their seasonal flavors are much more imaginative (they have pumpkin spice, yes, but they also do lavender honey, horchata, and other fun flavors), and I’m supporting people who actually live in my neighborhood instead of some corporate CEO on the west coast.

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