Adventures of a pregnant belly (and the woman carrying it)

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Belly is bumpin' some car tunes

I am sort of in love with this belly series from Krista. She dropped a few photos into our Flickr pool, and when I discovered her original set has 101 shots of her belly and its adventures I knew I needed to share.

Belly flies the friendly skies Belly feels the sting of defeat Belly loves a tastey cliche Belly and the great pumpkin patch Belly's postworkout smoothie - 28 Belly and the beast Belly's first snow fall - 31 Belly New Year - 34.5 Happy Birthday BELLY Belly is at the hospital Belly finally meets Mackson!

If you’re equally infatuated, Krista’s set on Flickr has a total of 110 photos — enjoy!

Comments on Adventures of a pregnant belly (and the woman carrying it)

    • This is Krista, aka Belly.
      Thank you so much for spotlighting The Adventures of Belly. I am so honored and excited to be in the good company of other Offbeat Mamas. The Belly and Tummy series have been so enjoyable for me to create. I can’t wait to share these priceless photo journals with my 2 sons when they grow up.
      Thanks again Stephanie for the great piece and to all who commented for their sweet words.

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