Offbeat Bride has the perfect picnic menu AND the cute blankets to go with it

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Willow picnic baskets from Pier 1
Willow picnic baskets from Pier 1

Okay, yes, this post is about putting together the perfect wedding picnic menu. But this post full of ideas and recipes for fried chicken, wilted salad, and summer veg sliders could kick-ass at ANY kind of summer picnic.

From the post:

You’ve seen our menus for afternoon wedding teas and the wedding menu for (just about) every diet, right? Well, here’s one fit to share on an adorable blanket on a green summer lawn somewhere… complete with a suggestion or two for picnic blankets and baskets at the end!

To read the rest, grab a drool cloth and head over to our sister site Offbeat Bride to check out the menu inspiration for your next party in the park.

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