Wrap your presents in (super adorable!) custom photo wrapping paper

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My buddy, Maui photographer Anna Kim, received these gifts from her friend Jeannine and says she was so touched by the wrapping that she hadn’t even opened them! So, of COURSE, I accosted Jeannine to find out the details behind the wrapping paper that just might be better than the gift itself.

Okay, I’ll reveal my high-tech method. Take good notes: I went to their Facebook pages and downloaded my favorite pictures. Then I printed them on my old HP jet printer. I printed them on (this is the crucial part here, so pay attention!) the back of office paper from my recycling pile, making sure to choose paper with no confidential information. But they don’t know that yet since they still have not opened them. Then I used clear Scotch tape to secure the wrapping. Got it? I’ll lead a training workshop if necessary.

I have NO IDEA how Anna is going to ever open those gifts, because they are just too cute. Now go torture your friends with equally personalized and adorably wrapped gifts. But make sure they’re small gifts because with the price of printer ink the wrapping itself might cost more than your gift!

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  1. When my best friends were moving away I bought them little gifts to remind them of the city we met, studied and lived in for so many years. Instead of using shop bought paper to wrap the gifts I used MS Publisher to run up a customised set. I wrote the name of the city in different fonts and in complementary colours all over the paper and just printed it onto white A4. It must have looked fairly professional as they asked me where I’d bought it!

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