Oompa Toys: where wooden and organic meet FUN for little and big kids alike

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Fliffix Catch, $35.14.
If you follow our shenanigans on Facebook, then you might have already seen my recent freak-out over Oompa Toys. I often get frustrated with toy websites that seem to only cater to babies (or their parents), but happily Oompa has toys for kids between birth and 9 — and we’re talking some seriously cool stuff. There are tons of wooden alternatives to the plastic you might see elsewhere (look at this super cute wooden bus!), and they offer free shipping on all orders over $65.

Whether you’re looking to rock a kiddos birthday or planning ahead for a holiday, Oompa is the place you have to check out. Here are a few of my favorites for newborns, toddlers, and little kids:


Organic Fruit Tote, $24.95.

The Organic Fruit Tote Baby Toy is totally safe and fun for your fave sidekick in grocery shopping/fruit-eating. Each piece of fruit is made from organic cotton, and babies can teeth on and play with each one. The toy can double as a lesson in color and names of each piece. WIIIIN.

Peacock Curves Blocks, $14.79.

I love how colorful the Peacock Curves Blocks are, but I extra love that the blocks are curved — imagination central!

At The Farm Wooden Book, $8.99.

Babies love books, and the At the Farm Wooden Book is great for little hands that love to rip pages — you can’t rip wood! You guys can have a blast making animal sounds at one another and the book can live on to be read another day.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

Your Body 5 Layer Puzzle — Boy, $22.49.

The Your Body 5 Layer Puzzle for Boys and the girl version are pretty amazing! Each of the 5 layers (bones, muscles, organs, skin, clothes) is clearly defined and illustrated, and the puzzles would be a really easy way to introduce the idea of body function to a toilet training toddler, or have early conversations about the names of body parts with a young preschooler. Bonus points: puzzles are fab for fine motor skill development.

Wooden Trike, $79.99.

This bright blue Wooden Trike is a great way to get your toddler outside and moving –plus it’s totally eco-friendly! The trike is made with sustainable rubberwood and coated with water-based paints.

Rainbow Bead Abacus, $19.49.

The Rainbow Bead Abacus can introduce your child to patterns, colors, simple math, and counting. The abacus is also coated in water-based paint, which makes it uber safe in case your kid decides that the abacus could also be great for nomming.

Octocolor Blocks, $34.99.

I initially chose the Octocolor Blocks mostly because I thought they looked cool, but this set of 100 is incredible. Each block is designed so that only gravity is required for stability — hello, easy science lesson!

City Skyline Glow Blocks, $41.96.

I am a BIG fan of the City Skyline Glow Blocks! Any little engineers or budding city planners will probably agree — just like a real city, the set of blocks is different at day and at night. Fun!

Primary school-aged kiddos

GeoPuzzle Europe, $12.15.

The Oompa folks are big fans of puzzles, and the GeoPuzzle Europe is a great one. They also have GeoPuzzle Latin America and GeoPuzzle U.S. and Canada

<a href="http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-5524263-11184964?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.oompa.com%2Fitem%2FJEE-GM-TR-DOMINOES-COLOR%2FeeBoo-Travel-Color-Dominoes-Game%2F1.html&cjsku=JEE-GM-TR-DOMINOES-COLOR"<Travel Color Dominoes, $8.99.

Roadtripping with an older kid this summer? Pick up the Travel Color Dominoes Game to keep ’em occupied.

Parachute Aerolo, $18.99.

$19 might seem pretty steep for a parachute, but the Parachute Aerolo is made from nylon and mesh, so it’s way more durable than its more disposable counterparts.

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  1. I am LOVING this post, I work in a children’s play centre/cafe which is all about natural organic wooden toys….. No plastic allowed! I am always looking out for new toys to add to our collection, love that they separate out toys into age appropriate categories. My only concern would be carbon footprint being in the UK, Ordering from American something that was designed somewhere else and build in another place…. that’s an awful lot of traveling. But I’m having fun looking through their range

  2. Great post! this topic is so amazing , it will be a great help for those parents who are looking for the right toys for their kids. this post will be their own guide on choosing the right toys to play. awesome!

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