One dad and his mini-me

Guest post by Heather Solis

My daughter Mila’s good looks clearly come from my husband Fernando. He proudly tells every person he runs into since our daughter was born, (which was just a little over a month ago) that he was the first person Mila saw.

Beyond his adorable baby face, he’s also a musician. When ever he gets the chance to spend one on one time with our daughter, he’ll play the acoustic guitar and sing to her. He’s also our financial supporter and works 12 hours night shifts as a 911 dispatcher, just so I could be home with the baby full time.

Even after his long hours at work, he’ll take the baby when ever he gets home just to give me a few hours of rest before he has to go to bed.

I can’t wait to watch Mila grow up and learn from her father.

Comments on One dad and his mini-me

  1. My honey also works 12-hour nights as a nurse, and when he gets home, he takes our 10-month old daughter and they go nap together for a couple hours. I don’t leave the house because we don’t consider it really safe since he’s so tired, but I do get to take a shower and have time for myself.

  2. That is beautiful! What a doting father.
    My partner is just the same with our boys, and our eldest (7) really has become his Mini Me in every aspect, from looks to musical tastes and talents, and even role plays ‘going to work’ just like Dad.
    We are all so fortunate to have loving and actively and emotionally involved Dads in our childrens lives.

  3. Ya!! Let’s hear it for the awesome fathers of daughters 🙂 A daughter will always view men in the foot steps of her father and it looks like Mila’s father has most definitely set the bar pretty high for any men in her future <3

  4. I have a son, not daughter, but my boyfriend is this same way. He also works 3rd shift (overnights) and will take the kids (my son and our son) so I can sleep in a bit. It’s those little things that are incredible.

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