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Dustin Timbrook is an artist based in Huntsville, Alabama. When not painting, he’s also a writer, musician, and social experimenter.

Dustin’s paintings are, if anything, incredibly unique unto themselves. To me, they’re perfect for any Offbeat Kidlet’s nursery or room –the perfect blend of absurdity and cute.

Armadillo Turns One by Dustin Timbrook.

Germany Duck by Dustin Timbrook.

Members Only by Dustin Timbrook.

Interested in seeing more? Visit Dustin’s online shop!

Comments on Art for Offbeat kids

  1. Wow! Thanks for writing about my work on this awesome site.

    If any of you readers are interested in purchasing prints or postcards of my work, I will be offering a discount to all of you Offbeat Mama’s

    Just enter the promo code OFFBEATMOM and you will get 15% off your full order. Thanks!

  2. Dustin, I don’t know who you are but the “How Come Jermaine Got Two Popsicles?” contest is awesome, and so is the painting, especially the teeth.

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