Where can you find offbeat interior designers for geeky decor advice?

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Where can you find offbeat interior designers for geeky decor advice?
Asteroids Re-Stik decals from Blik
This is a fellow geek in despair. My fiance and I just bought a house here in MN and we wanted to create the ultimate cool video game/geek basement.

The problem is, there are just no offbeat interior designers AT ALL. We wanted someone who understood the geek vision and make everything harmonious. Someone who would understand what golden snitches or sonic screwdrivers are.

Know anyone in the Twin Cities area who could help? – B

This is a super relatable question! You want your decor to be chic and stylish but to also integrate your nerd cred. I totally get it (and WANT it!). I decided to hit up our Facebook page to see what our loyal Homies had in the way of geeky decor advice. And as per usual, they did not disappoint. The two major points: hit up local, nerdy online resources/forums to find a good professional in your area and bring inspiration from online sources specializing in geeky decor.

If you do end up having to DIY most of it sans pro, Pinterest and Reddit forums can be gold. For instance…

Where can you find offbeat interior designers for geeky decor advice?
Check out this Bat Cave theater room!

Here are a few of my favorite geeky inspiration rooms for a start:

Let’s hear from the Homies for even more ideas and resources…

Where can you find offbeat interior designers for geeky decor advice?
Game controller table from WoodCurve

Use local forums

Maybe reach out to Twin Cities Geek or The Nerds of the Twin Cities? – Kelly

I’m first and foremost an artist, I have an eye for design, and am open to creating custom art for your space on top of helping you with overall design. A fan of all the things geek! 🙂 I’m very DIY, Crafty, & Pinteresty. If you show me pictures of things you’ve seen I can definitely make it! Old Armoire turned TARDIS, done! I have painted tons of walls, redone many furniture pieces, sanding, staining, and refinishing wood, have hung tons of shelves and stud-mounted heavier pieces. – Jill (hit her up in the MN area!)

If you go for home automation or lighting installed (Like Indigo Domo, Lutron Caseta) talk to those designers/installers. Also visit showrooms when you can; flooring, lighting, furniture. Etsy for decorative items and custom stuff, and Pinterest for DIY/inspiration.

This’ll be me when my hubs and I buy a house of our own, and I used to work in lighting so I am aaaall too familiar with this problem. – Annaliese

Find inspiration online

There’s a website called ournerdhome.com That might give ya some inspiration. – Erin

Have you ever read EPBOT? Their home is super geeky and wonderful and could help start conversations with more traditional interior designers (or give ideas for some DIY projects). – Mary

I’m seconding the idea of creating Pinterest boards and searching on Pinterest or Reddit for nerdy inspiration. Our Nerdy Home is great! My advice from my home is to blend the more “traditional” design elements, whether you are into mod stuff or vintage items, with your nerdy elements so that both pop and shine. For example, we use an old printer’s tray to display not only antiques and rocks, but also LEGO figures and dice. I’ve got my Potters bookended with antique owl bookends. Also try and find things that might not be nerdy but totally look it — like the lamps that look kinda like d20s or Death Stars. – Allison

Blik has video game wall decals. – Kelly

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