MythBusting Mama

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Kari giving a status reportThanks to @dianarchy for sending me this post on GeekMom written by MythBusters host Kari Byron:

“You will take less risks as a mom,” everyone told me. What?! I am still me. I don’t hold back from doing daring things. Of course I still jump out of planes! What really changed was that my everyday life has become a profoundly blissful experience. I get just as excited about peek-a-boo as I do about counting down an explosion.

Even though I will have to eat live bugs this season and possibly handle poop, I am not fazed. I still do exciting, daredevil, and wild things — but now I do them so that my little girl will know that a mommy can distinguish between a C4 and an ANFO explosion. [Read the full post]

AMEN! That was Kari’s introduction post — she’s now doing an ongoing column on GeekMom. I especially liked her affirmations for a working mother.

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