SO MUCH PINK: Mr. Bubble-themed bathroom

Guest post by Jenni

8110146250_b5af0f48c3_b-1Memories of my childhood include long, long bubble baths with Mr. Bubble and my color-changing Hot Wheels.

I always wanted a pink Mr. Bubble bathroom when I moved out of my parents house, so here it is…

IMG_0075[1]EVERYTHING is pink, including the shower curtain, toilet brush and garbage can.

8110126897_522714c66b_c-1My mom found the patent for Mr. Bubble on Ebay, and I had it framed.

8110138925_d4b0615e65_c-1My mom also found these knobs.

8110141725_e14981ab97_c-1Most of the toys are from when I was a kid, including the vintage soap-on-a-rope, and bath toys.

It's Mr. Bubble time!
It’s Mr. Bubble time!

This is just a taste of all the toys in our house, though!

Okay, fess up. Who else has an awesome themed bathroom or room of any kind that you’ve been scheming since childhood?

Comments on SO MUCH PINK: Mr. Bubble-themed bathroom

  1. I love this bathroom! I have wanted a Pretty Pink Goth bathroom for about a year, now. Bright pink walls, black wainscoting, chandelier, lots of skulls. Maybe a framed Gashlycrumb Tinies. My partner says no, but might be persuaded to a Deep Red Goth bathroom, which is apparently more butch.

  2. That is an AWESOME bathroom theme!

    I always wanted a Winnie-the-Pooh themed guest room. Maybe someday! Right now our guestroom is also going to be housing the boyfriend’s Lego collection, and that doesn’t really fit in the 100 Acre Woods.

  3. I have a vintage-pinup 1/2 bath. Only one actual pinup picture, but the accessories are birds/oriental, a small vintage-looking clock, and a corset waste-basket.

  4. My bathroom is accidentally butterfly themed. I looked at it one day and realized everything in it has butterflies…

    Next time I move, the bathroom will be intentionally butterfly themed, and hopefully look less half-assed.

  5. I decided when I was eight (and The Little Mermaid was the greatest thing EVER) that one day I would have a mermaid bathroom. At the time, I’d been intending that to mean a big mermaid mural on the wall, but since I rent, I’ve compromised on a bunch of mermaid posters and artwork. And there’s a two-headed shark, too.

  6. Man, I love me a good themed room. Plus pink is a cool bathroom color. I see a lot of blues and greens (which are awesome too), but pink is a nice little surprise. Plus, I would feel all girly and cute getting ready in that bathroom.

  7. Bathrooms are such a great space for themes – they’re small so a little bit of decor goes a long way, and for some reason a whimsy seems totally appropriate in the loo, where for some people a themed living room or bedroom is TOO Offbeat. This is definitely making me want to theme-out my bathroom. I currently have a few framed vintage postcards in mine (this and this) — any suggestions for how to build a theme around them?

    • Maybe some art-deco / mid-century accessories? Also,I completely agree with you about themed bathrooms. A themed kitchen or bed room has always felt too claustrophobic or something to me, but a themed bathroom? Fun! A friend in college had a yellow rubber ducky themed bathroom with about the same level of accessorizing as the featured Mr. Bubbles bath above. It was super cheery and fun.

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