My all-time favorite gadget for drying wet, snowy accessories

Guest post by Wendy S.

We live in snow country and deal with the fluffy white wet stuff about half the year. This is my all-time favorite gadget for drying soggy gloves/mittens, boots, shoes, damp socks, or anything small:

Mit And Boot Drying Rack
Mit And Boot Drying Rack

It sits over the forced air vent at my house, but I have given several to friends and they assure me they work nicely over a radiator or near a baseboard heater too. Gloves and mittens dry more quickly and shoes are warm and toasty the next time we put them on. Wet soggies be gone!

Recently I discovered they are also great for airing out sweaty sneakers after a game and keeping the musty-foot-smell beaten down. (As much as is possible anyway!)

What are you favorite tricks for drying wet and/or snowy accessories?

Comments on My all-time favorite gadget for drying wet, snowy accessories

  1. Want. I came home dripping wet from biking in cold rain today (you know what gets things wet faster than wet snow? Cold, drenching rain.), and now my gloves, hat, shoe covers, and so on are strewn around the entryway in the hopes that they’ll dry before I need to wear them again.

  2. When I was little, we used to dry our shoes on top of the fridge. Can’t do it now because of the way my fridge is built into the cabinets, but I would definitely recommend giving it a try if possible.

    • Intriguing! I have never heard of this tactic. Sadly, won’t work here, either, but I’m glad to have that info-nugget.

      Woodstoves are also wonderful for drying wintery wet articles of clothing, but I guess that one’s obvious to everyone…

  3. So I’m not really ready to think about winter yet.

    I already hang a lot of the laundry on a clothes rack that sits on top of a heat vent, but when we move I am going to keep these in mind! I bet it dries the inside of gloves much faster, and since I wear them multiple times a day to bike and take the dog out, it will be useful!

  4. we have floor heating 🙁
    we put out wet shoes on top of the dryer, either with newspaper stuffed in or with a bought shoe-dryer inserted, and also: buy the boots pictured, or similar ones, because they have a removable in-shoe, which is sooo helpful with three little boys in forest-kindergarten!

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