Make your own spooky labels for your “evil spirits”

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evil spirits

I want a flask labeled “evil spirits,” but until I find one, I can use my label maker to label some old pretty bottles. The chandelier graphic is from graphicsfairy. I photoshopped the words on and presto — instant custom label.

I’ll get one of these skull corks as a bottle stopper, and I’m set.

Of course, you can use this type of label maker to make any type of labels you want. It prints only in black and white, but the detail is pretty nice. You could make personalized labels for just about anything and cut the stickers to size. They’d make for great gifts — maybe even your own homemade flavour-infused vodka!

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  1. These sorts of labels are REALLY FUN at a party! I’ve done something similar for a steampunk party, Halloween, Alice in Wonderland party…
    But you might want to write down a list of which label is what kind of drink, because people will ask what’s /really/ in the bottle.

  2. If you want color, or if you don’t want to buy a label printer, there’s an easy hack. Print out your label on regular printer paper, in color or black and white. Cut it out (a paper cutter helps keep the edges straight). Then, dilute some elmers glue to the consistency of olive oil, or a little thicker, using water. (It’s not critical.) You want enough diluted glue to be able to dip your whole label in. Dip away, getting both sides of your label wet. Stick it on your bottle. Wipe off any excess glue/drips with your fingers. You can carefully adjust the label while it’s still wet. Let dry, then wipe off any glue that’s on the bottle rather than the label with a wet cloth. Et voila! This isn’t waterproof, but if you keep it dry, it’ll stay on for ages.

  3. These tips are great. I really find these spooky labels perfect for Halloween activites. I just hope I was able to read this last October so as to make these ideas in action. But I guess, this is never too late for the next Halloween. Thanks!

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