Library cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs in the pantry — photos from our readers

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Hello, Homies, and happy Monday! Let’s take a look at what’s going on in the Offbeat Home Flickr group.

Tired bunnies are tired

Stacks of books

The phone is vintage-ly offbeat. It belongs to my parents and has been in the home since they purchased it in 1984. If you look behind the phone, you can see the original wallpaper that was up. made in the shade Pig Pantry Herbs in coffee cans, hung with zip ties.

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Comments on Library cats, bunnies, and guinea pigs in the pantry — photos from our readers

  1. Aww, I love the kitty+books picture! I like to think the kitties are discussing what they read that day, kind of like a kitty cat book club. Of course, the meetings go super long because of the required nap times between questions, but it’s always fulfilling for the kitties involved. 🙂

  2. Ah, cats and books! A winning combination!
    I can’t say I’ve ever had guinea pig meat, but I know cuy, as it is called, is a big source of protein in some parts of South America. Tim Cahill writes about eating it I believe, and maybe Andrew Zimmern had it on his show? I don’t remember.

    Want tent!

    Since I got a guinea pig, I learned a whole lot about their use as foodstuff. It’s quite common to raise little troops of piggles for noms or profit, especially in Peru and Bolivia. They generally live in the house with the family (scurrying about the floor) or in little pens like this that are secure so no big bad hawks can snatch them away.

    Also, Whosjaja’s picture is a perfect summary of the things I admired most as a child.

  4. No, landlines are not retro, they are a good thing to have in a home that too many people are neglecting these days. Having a landline and a corded phone gives you the best chance of having a working phone in an emergency where there are large scale power outages. Cell phone towers don’t work if there is no electricity.

    • This, so much. I was living in Tokyo during the March earthquake, and people were queuing up for hours to use pay phones. The cell phone network was down for quite a while.

  5. I approve of the bunny party! I have a rabbit named General Bismark. He is utterly the awesome-shit. Do you know what it’s like to come home to a 5lb choco bunny on the kitchen counter (not knowing how the heck he got there), ass deep into a box of cheerios passed out from the binge? I do. Or doing your daily workout to have the same little fluffster decides your pushups aren’t hard enough and sit on your back for the ride?

    Thus is my life with The General.

  6. Golly Shaina – reminds me of the time my buns got into a bag of marshmallows. They hadn’t got that far into it, and were still gorging when I caught them. Their tounges were working over time (a la bunny with a banana), possibly the funniest site EVA!

  7. Those moss tiles are fantastic! I can’t seem to find where to buy them on the Benetti web site, though. Probably too expensive, but I still want to check it out because SO COOL.

  8. I am just so positively tickled that you included a photo of the tent that we made for our daughter’s 19th birthday.

    I’m also overjoyed to have discovered your sweet website. I am adding it to my feed reader right now. xo

  9. It is too nerdy/cool to be able to see the photo of that lovely reading tent, gasp over the rainbow blanket, hunt down the Ravelry account of the crocheter and realize it’s made from the same pattern that I currently am working on, also in rainbows! Sometimes, the internet isn’t quite so big after all. 🙂 Love all the photos today!

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