This new Ikea wellness collection aims to inspire major relaxation

April 16 2018 | bijouxandbits
ikea wellness collection hjartelig
All photos via Ikea

This new Ikea wellness limited edition collection, HJÄRTELIG, claims to combine chic style with self care and relaxation-inspired design.

Designed by Maja Ganszyniec and Andreas Fredriksson, the collection includes scented candles, throws and cushions, bedside tables and headboards, a yoga kit, and my favorite, a sheer bed canopy, all made from more sustainable cotton, rattan, linen, cork, and even solid pine (a departure from some of their particle board materials). It's actually less health and wellness inducing than it is just fitting into a relaxing space. Which is pretty rad in itself. It's light and airy and totally bohemian, which is a good step in Ikea's movement towards trendier collections.

Here's more on the collection…

ikea wellness collection hjartelig

ikea wellness collection hjartelig

HJÄRTELIG will help you sit comfortably, sleep well and create a calm, peaceful atmosphere. It will also help you get your yoga on, and to bring a touch more nature to your personal space. So now you can combine your downward facing dog with your upward facing plants…

Launching this April (it's out now!), the limited edition HJÄRTELIG collection invites us to press the “pause” button, if only for a little while, on a daily life that’s often hectic, complicated, and online. Whether to practice some yoga, tend to a plant, or simply relax among beautiful, natural materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection is about the moments to re-focus and to revitalize ourselves.

ikea wellness collection hjartelig

ikea wellness collection hjartelig

Check out the full collection here (and snag me one of those canopies and all of the apothecary-style vases!).

ikea wellness collection hjartelig

Are you down to nab some rattan baskets, some yoga blocks, and a new lounge-y bed to refocus your energies? Share if you dig it in the comments!

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