How to make your own galloping horse on a stick

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All photos by Miriam.

Have you ever woken up one day and thought, “Today: this is the day I will finally DIY a horse head on a stick and take it for a gallop around the neighborhood”? WELL IF YOU HAVEN’T, then this GIF is pretty much guaranteed to make you want to:

There’s a full tutorial over at Mad Min — be prepared: it’s not for the DIY-challenged! If any of you make your own version, let us know!

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  1. YES!!! My childhood was spent riding my stable of stick horses around the neighborhood park…in fact I think that part of my life lasted well into my 12th year. I started taking horseback riding lessons at age 8 and the stick horses were a good way to occupy the time between lessons – and it’s a passion that’s lasted the past 14 years and counting!

  2. I was JUST reading about the 2nd Annual Broomstick Pony Derby in Orando, Fl that I desperately wish was being held in my neighborhood.

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