An easy recipe for natural homemade mosquito repellent

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All photos used with permission from I Can Teach My Child.
My friend Michelle sent over this super helpful recipe for making your own natural mosquito spray. I say “super helpful” because Michelle and I both live in the southeastern United States, where humidity and mosquitoes reign supreme this time of year. Since I’m sure quite a few of you contend with these flying beasts as well (I know they do good things, but COME ON), I figured it could help a few of you, too.

This recipe originally appeared on I Can Teach My Child, a wonderful website that helps parents come up with lessons for their kids. The site covers kidlets from birth through age five, and is jampacked with creative ideas that’ll make learning an awesome experience for everyone involved. As you can also guess, the site also contains little gems like this!

What you need

  • Essential oils (citronella and lemongrass are musts, you can also use lavender, tea tree oil, or geranium oil)
  • One 14 oz. bottle of witch hazel
  • One or two spray bottles
  • One jar for mixing
  • One funnel

For full instructions, head over to I Can Teach My Child.

Comments on An easy recipe for natural homemade mosquito repellent

  1. This recipe will come in handy during the humid Florida evenings when I’m doing yard work and smacking the squitos off my legs every few seconds. Thanks!

    • I want to know the answer to this one too. I’d also like someone to tell me whether this stuff actually works, because I don’t want anymore mosquito bites! I already covered as it is!

  2. I got curious and found the following article about good things mosquitos do…but basically they’re really good at continuing their own species and spreading terrible diseases. They do nothing good for humans, but they are excellent carriers of various viruses and apparently have helped protect various parts of the world from humans by infecting them with all kinds of bad things. So, much like most parasites, they’re great at using us for their own vile uses, possibly hurting or killing us in the process.


    • Those links are working fine on my iPhone – site forbidden sounds like they might be falling foul of a filter of some sort? Are you using a PC that might have a company firewall or something like it?

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